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Re: Weirdest Corvair incident - just for fun smiling bouncing smiley
Posted by: Brizo ()
Date: February 19, 2020 09:07PM

I don't know if this is weird but I thought it was amazing at least. Sometime in the '80s a guy was driving back from Florida in a VW bus with a complete Corvair drivetrain... with no gear lube left in the transaxle. He said it started to whine and he kept going. Then it started to grind, and he kept going. Then it began to scream and started to slow down even at full throttle, and when he finally did stop it locked up. All the pinion bearing rollers were gone and the only thing supporting the pinion was the clutch shaft and it had gotten so hot from the friction it twisted itself into a knot and seized inside the pinion shaft. I use it to this day to align clutch discs.

Dan Brizendine, Circle City Corvairs
'64 8door Greenbrier 140 PG. "In beautiful Wanamaker Indiana...with one stop light and 5 pizza shops"

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Re: Weirdest Corvair incident - just for fun smiling bouncing smiley
Posted by: MattNall ()
Date: February 19, 2020 09:27PM

That is wild! But some people!

Sea Mountain, between Charleston Harbor and Coos Bay! SW Oregon Coast
Click HERE for My Website...Click HERE for My TechPages!

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Re: Weirdest Corvair incident - just for fun smiling bouncing smiley
Posted by: 67 airvair ()
Date: February 20, 2020 05:31AM

I once had a '65 Monza coupe with a 95/4 speed in it. Had an "emergency' situation crop up on me where I had to floor it and get going as fast as possible in order to avoid a mishap.

After that incident, the car started to run a little rough, then a little rougher as I continued to drive over the course of days, and every time thereafter it kept getting rougher and rougher. After the course of a couple of weeks, it got to be running so rough that it finally just quit running, Once I had it pulled off the road, I went around back to see what was the problem.

I lifted the lid and reached for the distributor cap, thinking that maybe the timing had slipped. But much to my surprise, the cap lifted right off. eye popping smiley Seems that I had rev'd the engine so hard that it had thrown the distributor's counterweights out far enough that the springs had broken. This made the counterweights fly out against the sides of the distributor, where they then proceeded to literally saw the top off the distributor.eye popping smiley

I still have that distributor, in my toolbox of shame.


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Re: Weirdest Corvair incident - just for fun smiling bouncing smiley
Posted by: bwells ()
Date: February 20, 2020 07:16AM


I have seen an input shaft do that,but when it got hot and twisted, it shortened enough that it pulled out of the input gear and the car coasted to a stop.
I have seen 3 or 4 times as many pinion bearing failures than spider gears, all due to lack of lube.

Bill Wells
North Texas Corvair Assoc.
61 Ramp
65 Corsa

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Re: Weirdest Corvair incident - just for fun smiling bouncing smiley
Posted by: Jim Stukenborg ()
Date: February 20, 2020 12:22PM

My wife and I were heading north on I-75 to a Detroit area event. While cruising about 70 mph I let up on the gas pedal and the car did not slow down. Pulled over under an overpass since it was raining and found the cause. The cap from the Schrader valve on the A/C fell off and found its way under the right secondary carb linkage and prevented the linkage from returning to the idle position. Jim

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Re: Weirdest Corvair incident - just for fun smiling bouncing smiley
Posted by: Noel Felty ()
Date: February 20, 2020 02:40PM

I got in my Corvair and drove it to the grocery store last week. When I started
it the lifters made no noise. As I drove it the fan belt did not come off and it accelerated very well and was able to maintain speeds of the newer cars on the road. I noticed that the front did not lift off the ground at highway speeds nor was it uncontrollable. The engine did not fall out, nor did anything catch on fire. When I parked and went into the store it did not leak oil on the ground. When I left it started up and drove home and did not vapor lock. The carburetors also stayed in sync. This is not that weird for me but from what I read and hear from lots of folks, I must have witnessed a series of truly weird Corvair events all in one drive.

Noel Felty
Brevard, NC
1966 Corsa 140 Before

1966 Corsa After

1972 Ford f100

Corsa SC
NC Mountain Corvairs

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Re: Weirdest Corvair incident - just for fun smiling bouncing smiley
Posted by: Darrin ()
Date: February 21, 2020 03:15AM

My Corvair buddy, Greg, and I went to look at a craigslist 65 Monza in southern Pennsylvania. Ad said the car had 10,000 orig miles but had been parked for some time and the engine was stuck. We did not believe.

I should note I was born on July 17, 1965.

So we got there and examine the car and it truly did look like a very low mileage example that had been inside for decades and outside for a few years maybe. We tried the engine and it was locked when we looked at the date code much to my shock it showed T0717RH. The engine was cast on the day I was born!

Needless to say, I had to buy it. It really was a 10000 mile car (now 11000. The engine freed up with some work and she runs like a top. It really is a newish car inside and underneath. Outdoor storage damaged the paint as tarps sanded off some paint on edges. I call it the Birthday Vair.

Oh, yeah, my kids ,favorite thing about this car. We found a bank cash bag stuffed up in the trunk with around $300 in it, a good rebate on the purchase price. The cash bag is still there but I spent some of the money one day when I left home without my wallet.

She is sleeping winter away in the shed.

Darrin Hartzler
Bethesda, MD/Catlett, VA

Northern Virginia Corvairs & Group Corvair

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Re: Weirdest Corvair incident - just for fun smiling bouncing smiley
Posted by: 67 airvair ()
Date: February 21, 2020 07:55AM

Darrin, that is like lightning striking. WOW!

Here's another similar tale. When the last Corvairs were built, that famous picture of #5999 being pushed off the line was reproduced in local newspapers around the world. But only in my local paper was it, to my knowledge, printed backwards.

When I got my second Corvair, a '67 convertible (which I still have) in '71, the engine padding was a bit worse for the wear (nothing new, right?) So I ordered new pads from the dealer. The top and left sides came in, but the right side was freshly discontinued. However, the '68-9 version (with the side light notch in it) was still available. I ordered it, it came in, but I never installed it. I kept it sealed in the original GM shipping box.

When I bought #5999 from its second owner, he had already repaired the damage done by a space cadet who ran into his right rear end. The car was missing the right side engine pad.

So I got together the other two pads, NOS, and sealed the three in the GM shipping box to keep with the car. I then gave the car to the CPF and delivered it to the new (at the time) museum in Virginia.

With those two incidents, I feel I was destined to have the car.

Unfortunately, when the museum moved out of that building, that box got lost.


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Re: Weirdest Corvair incident - just for fun smiling bouncing smiley
Posted by: playerpage ()
Date: February 21, 2020 10:41AM

This is so cool. I think I'll add another one:

I was in graduate school driving a 1966 500 Coupe. I hadn't had it long, so I was foolishly optimistic about how far I could drive it, at least without any sort of preparation at all. Keep in mind this was 14 years ago and I was even more clueless then I am today.

I was going to school in the city of Orange in California, and I was on my way to visit my parents in Cedar City Utah, between an 8 to 10 hour drive in normal circumstances.

I set out on the road and was having a blast, when around about the town of Barstow California the car slowly starting to lose power. Lights fading the acceleration dipping, on its way to stopping completely. Before that happened, I pulled off into a gas station to stand over the car with my hands on my hips and tried to belie the impression that I had absolutely no idea what I was looking at.

A guy came over to help me out, he crawled under the car I stood over the car pushed buttons, until finally we figured "Well, the battery is just dead, maybe I can get a jump and be on my way." He helped me out, and I got on the road again. About 10 miles down the road I started to lose power again. I pushed on to the town of Baker, where I pulled off again and went to another gas station. Battery dead again. So The Logical conclusion was that battery dead again. So the logical conclusion was that my alternator had given out. Now, a wiser man would have checked into a hotel and gone looking for another alternator the next morning, but not I!

I got another jump, charged the car off of a stranger for about 15 minutes, and kept going. Then I just went from exit to exit bumming jumps off of people, all the way out to Cedar City Utah. It took me about two days, and I slept in the car twice, plus I have no idea how I got through the Virgin River Gorge without killing myself, but I made it!

I bought a new alternator in Cedar City.


Eric C. Player, Porterville, CA, USA (Seriously! It's the USA out here!)
MEMBER: CORSA National, Central Coast CORSA, South Coast CORSA, Vintage CORSA, Sfba CORSA, and the San Joaquin Valley Corvair Club.
1965 Monza 110, Canary Yellow
1965 Corsa 180 Turbo, Red
1966 Monza 110, Purple
1967 Monza 140, Red
1966 500 110, Black; nicknamed "Shadow"
1965 Monza 110, Camaro Yellow; nicknamed "Silver"
1966 Corsa 180 Turbo, Blue; nicknamed "Bluvair"

"He cautioned me not to take notes. It would not have helped if I had, as he would start a paragraph with, 'It is therefore obvious. . .'
and go on from there to matters which may have been obvious to him and God but to no one else."
-- Robert A. Heinlein, character of Daniel B. Davis, 'The Door Into Summer.'

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Re: Weirdest Corvair incident - just for fun smiling bouncing smiley
Posted by: rick4130 ()
Date: February 21, 2020 11:19AM

My buddy John acquired a nice late model several years ago...he has a knack for finding these great untouched examples!

The interior of this car was pristine but the radio didn't work...we tried to diagnose it while disturbing the car as little as possible...after some fuses and maybe some new speaker wire, with no idea what the radio was tuned to, we hit the switch and the first sounds we heard were "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees.....!!

we had a real good laugh over that one.

Rick MacDonald
'63 700 Sedan

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Re: Weirdest Corvair incident - just for fun smiling bouncing smiley
Posted by: 67 airvair ()
Date: February 23, 2020 11:41AM

Reading some of these tales reminds me of how things sometimes seem so interconnected that they were destined to happen. Such is the story(ies) of my project car and my Texas car. (Pictures of both attached - but the project car is represented by a model of the finished car.)

The first time I heard of what became known as my Texas car was an ad in the CC selling it and another early coupe. My buddy Mike called me, and I told him that I had seen it, but it was a manual trans, and I wasn't quite in the financial shape to buy it anyway.

Several months later, it showed up at the Convention (as had been posted in the CC). I looked it over, and spent the rest of the convention stomping all over my tongue and wondering how to afford it. I had to talk Mike into buying one of my cars before I could make an offer. Bottom line - I came home with it.

I later bought what is now my project car, after several years of negotiations, and found that it had several options that the Texas car didn't. But both were gold interior '67 Monza 4 doors. Since I was going to do major things to the project car, I decided to move the options it had that the Texas car didn't over, thus (along with several more) maxed out the options list on it. Biggest wins were the speaker system parts required no paint whatsoever, and had age-appropriate patina to boot, and the deluxe steering wheel, also in correct color.

I had also picked up a pair of gold 4 door headrest seats at a convention swap meet, thanks to Mike's advance scouting, and they were (and to date still are) the only 4 door gold headrest seats I've ever seen - all the other '67 headrest seats I've seen have been black 2 door seats. (Note the frames are different from 2 to 4 door configuration.)

So I feel that I was destined to own both these cars. But on the flip side, I sold the Texas car so as to help pay for the resto of the project car. Do I regret selling it? I don't want to answer that question.



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Re: Weirdest Corvair incident - just for fun smiling bouncing smiley
Posted by: Early Guy ()
Date: February 24, 2020 11:44AM

Sometime in the mid 70s here in the Chicago area we had an early spring snowstorm during the work day. I was driving a beater 63 monza convt at the time. My trip home was very slow roads closed etc. About a 1/2 mile from home there was a steep bridge approach over a railroad,and the surface was glare ice. There were several cars stuck all the way up,mostly driven by women. One other guy driving an old mid 60s Bonneville and I hand pushed all the cars over the top, til it was just him and I left.He said now what? I couldn't push the pontiac myself. I asked him if he cared about his bumper getting scratched,he laughed no. Good I'll push you over with my car,he laughed again. I said just get in and drive. I eased up to him with the Corvair and pushed us both over the hill. He got out on the other side and thanked me,he said he would never have believed it.

Ray Johnson Villa Park IL 63 Spyder Conv. 140 EFI

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