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I'm Going To San Diego Vair Vention-I Need Someone To Help Me Make Some Really Good Videos!
Posted by: UGLYTRUK ()
Date: February 09, 2020 12:27PM

A gentleman from Kentucky just called me, he has Northstar powered transverse mounted V8 Corvair. He asked if I would make some videos, but I explained to him that my videos have fallen behind due to my lack of technical expertise. Everybody nowadays is using multiple GoPro cameras, suction cupped to various points of the vehicle. I'd love to do this, but I'm in the dark. Is there someone that will be at San Diego? Preferably in their teenage years that can help turn my car and dictating knowledge into a really slick video?

If you want an example of how a car video should be made, go to Nick's Garage on ytube. This is just north of Montreal, and I've been there a few times, last summer with my '63 409 425 4 speed clone Bel-Air.


Nick is famous in the Northeast for his HEMIs and high performance Mopars. But he also built Buicks many years ago, and he'll build anything with eight cylinders, and he dynos every single engine, and his motto is, if it's going to blow, it's going to blow right here on my Dyno. His videos are great, and I love when I have the opportunity to go there

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