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Need help from our Canadian members; 1960 Oshawa built Corvair info request
Posted by: ral1963 ()
Date: January 13, 2020 12:52PM

Ok, just so everyone knows what I am looking for and why. I have been collecting Fisher Trim tags and decoding US built Corvairs for a while.

I have also collected various Oshawa built Corvair tag info and have finally started on focusing on cleaning up the data. Most of the info for 62-66 Oshawa built Corvairs are well documented and readily available.

The main area of focus is the 60 & 61 Model years and differences between them…

Sadly, I only have example of one 1960 built at Oshawa, which is a very early build 500 sedan that has some significant differences in the VIN tag as well as the BSO tag as compared to the 1961 tags I have. I am trying to determine if the early build is unique and there was a mid – year change or if the differences carried through the end of the year and changed at the 61 model year.

So, what I am looking for is an image of the Body trim tag (cowl tag or BSO tag) and an image of the VIN tag (you can block out the last numbers of the VIN if you wish), I mainly need the format of the tag layout.

I have 7 tags from 61 and the data has been easier to correlate to later Oshawa tags as well as USA built cars.

All in all I want to document the changes in the tags from year to year from 60-66 (61-66 is basically done)…

If you know of anyone else who may have an Oshawa built 1960 Corvair or possible info from a scrapped one, please pass this info along.

Rick Loving
Corvair historian & chronicler of useless facts
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Just south of Chicago IL

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