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Seeking some '61 - '65 powertrain info
Posted by: SteveInMarietta ()
Date: October 08, 2019 10:21AM

I'm seeking help with some research on '61-'65 transmission cases and differential carriers (aka cases).

I’ve gotten a lot of information from several books, articles and websites, which I'm correlating with info from GM engineering drawings and documents. But I have not found anywhere that summarizes the physical characteristics of transmissions and differentials with different case numbers. There are lots of lists of the codes, but not the case numbers. (Matt, I've searched the FAQs.) E.g, Which differential case numbers have the leaf spring mounting groove, which don’t, etc.? Which 4 speed transmissions have a ½” vs 7/8” lube filler hole, etc.? Do such summaries exist? Have I missed this somewhere? Note that my question is about the cases, not the assembly components.

Also, I would like to know the part number for the 1962 FC powerglide transaxle from the ’62 assembly manual, but the number is undecipherable in my copy (see below). This is in the RPO section near the end. Can anyone provide this number from a decipherable copy of the manual?

Also, in which '64 PG transmissions was the "downshift timing valve" used? FC? All?


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