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OT - Scared - Need Advice From Those Who Use It
Posted by: OttawaCorvairGuy ()
Date: October 05, 2019 05:17AM

The flooring guys are booked up until the middle of November.
I've removed the carpet to save some money on labor and I'm taking it to the dump this morning. (Currently waiting for them to open and for it to warm up. It's 26f)

The concrete floor is very uneven in lots of places and I need to rent a diamond sander to clean/scratch the concrete.
That part I'm okay with.

The part that scares me is using self leveling concrete to get the floor level to except the laminate flooring.

IF "you have used it" I would like to hear from you.

Thank you

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Re: OT - Scared - Need Advice From Those Who Use It
Posted by: TGriffin ()
Date: October 05, 2019 05:39AM

I have used it in my mom's basement that had a wavy concrete floor and we were installing tile. It does flow really well, so be careful not to pour too much that you don't start to "fill up" the area higher than you want (like if the space is confined"

The stuff hardens solid and will find its own level. If you pour a bucket in one spot in the middle of the floor, and spread it to even out, it still will creep if there are low spaces and spread out further if there is room to flow.

If you are pouring in spots and leaving other spots unpoured, it will eventually dry to a bead edge less than 1/4" if you let it flow until it stops on its own. For a seamless transition you may want to go back in like an hour and smear the bead edge smooth after it stops to flow.

The stuff is pretty easy to use and works well! Good luck!

1964 Monza 'vert
Mount Joy, PA

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Re: OT - Scared - Need Advice From Those Who Use It
Posted by: 4speedoverdrive ()
Date: October 05, 2019 05:48PM

I have used the self leveling product once. I like you was concerned about how it would work/turn out. When I poured the material I was on skimpy side and the floor did not get completely level. I used a glue down laminate and even with the floor not completely level it seemed to work out ok. It's been 10 years and the laminate is still stuck down and appears level.

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Re: OT - Scared - Need Advice From Those Who Use It
Posted by: kenzen ()
Date: October 05, 2019 07:13PM

I used it for a small basement bathroom (5'x9'), and it worked very well to level a rough floor made worse by my digging down new drain pipes. Just make sure you have enough to flow out in the first attempt at the desired thickness (read the bag), and make sure there aren't any "leaks" that would allow it to slowly fill a hole or work into a wall while drying. I laid ceramic tile down on it using mortar and it made for a perfectly level tiled floor.


66 Monza Coupe 110/PG
Bel Air, MD

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Re: OT - Scared - Need Advice From Those Who Use It
Posted by: Max Roeder ()
Date: October 06, 2019 04:04AM

The best product (from tech specs) I found worked me harder than I thought it would. Not sure if all the self leveling material is "fast setting, approx 15 min" but this stuff was and did! The problem I had was trying to mix it in a 3-1/2 cu.ft. rotary concrete barrel mixer. Once you start mixing you need to move quickly due to the short pot life. The powder mix is so fine it likes to clump up into balls and while in the mixer it's hard to effectively break them up, time is of the essence!
Transferred the material into the room in 5 gal pails and spread with a 20" squeegee purchased just for floor leveling. Had to chop up small clumps with the squeegee while spreading. If your floor is really bad the free flow will run towards the low areas and you will be back dragging often so start in the low areas and drag out if you can. The stuff seems to work well but as previous post mentioned it will flow to about a 3/16" natural rolled edge. You can't feather it well due to its setting time. If there is a slow set material you may find that it wants to flow to the low levels and leave high spots thin. And as with any coating, prep is critical! I believe I used a citrus acid etching agent because the leveling product warned against muratic for some chemical reason.

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