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Re: Trying to free a stuck engine...
Posted by: Eliana005 ()
Date: November 18, 2020 10:01PM

You can follow this for more []

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Re: Trying to free a stuck engine...
Posted by: joelsplace ()
Date: November 18, 2020 10:04PM

I wouldn't click that link. This user just registered last night.

Northlake, TX
5 Ultravans, 113 Corvairs and counting...

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Re: Trying to free a stuck engine...
Posted by: American Mel ()
Date: November 18, 2020 10:37PM

Google it.
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WA. state, 1 mile south of the Canadian border,
I am not at the end of the world, but you can see it from here.
Have; '66 Monza Coupe - 140, 4-spd. Daily driver beater
'67 Monza Vert. - 140, 4-spd. Daily driver beater
'67 A/C Moredoor Monza
Have had; '61 Monza coupe, 80hp, PG
'62 Monza Wagon, 4spd.
'63 Spyder,
'65 Corsa
'04 Dodge Cummins Quad Dually, approaching 400K
'03 Honda Del Sol

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Re: Trying to free a stuck engine...
Posted by: JimBrandberg ()
Date: November 19, 2020 05:54AM

Since this thread started a few months ago I had opportunity to free up a stuck engine. 66 95 HP ran when someone else removed about 20 years ago and stored inside.
I put it on an engine stand, removed the valve covers, backed off the rocker arms so all valves were closed, removed the spark plugs and filled all the cylinders with 50/50 ATF and acetone. I would put it sideways so one set of cylinders were up and then rotate it the next day. Then try to turn it.

I think it took about 6 days for it to start to turn. I put it right side up and removed the spark plugs. It would shoot the ATF across the room when turning, looked like a crime scene on the white door. At first it would only turn about 30 degrees I suppose because of a ridge in a cylinder or two. I positioned it midway between the ridges and filled the cylinders again but left it in the normal position with the cylinders side to side. After a few days along with some more geysers it freed up. I turned it through several revolutions clockwise for a few days and put it back in storage.

I look forward to seeing how it comes out but haven't made the time yet. At least it's well oiled in storage now. I want to set an engine up for testing some starters, maybe that would be a good one.

My buddy likes to say penetrating oil always works given enough time. I've had some that never came unstuck. My last resort is slicing cylinders open with a cut-off wheel and chisel since you have to turn them to get at the rod nuts. One last year I also had to loosen the crankcase bolts.

Jim Brandberg
Isanti, MN

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