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wheel lugs question
Posted by: corvairbob ()
Date: January 10, 2019 09:18AM

i want to install longer wheel lugs on the rear of my car for some reason the back studs are shorter than the front. i have mag wheels and have like 3 turns for the rear nuts on the wheel and i'm just not liking that anymore. so what other cars use the same size wheel lugs and are like 2" or maybe 2 1/2" long overall. i need at leas 1/2" longer thread section so if i get 2" overall studs that will be plenty but if they are over 2 1?2" then i have to cut them down as the nuts will bottom out. ebay want like 5$ ea for them and rock auto says 1.70 ea but maybe i can get them local if i know what to ask for in another car model. thanks

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Re: wheel lugs question
Posted by: davemotohead ()
Date: January 10, 2019 09:28AM


Email me at: Dave Motohead

1960 4dr sedan caveman car
1961 Rampside (Chetside)
1962 Rampside (Barnside)
1962 Short Rampside (Shortside)
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1963 Monza 900 coup (General Nader)

Rust Free Lancaster Ca

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Re: wheel lugs question
Posted by: Caraholic4life ()
Date: January 10, 2019 02:40PM

Are the lug nuts long enough to reach almost completely through the wheel?
Being to long is worse than being to short, but they (in my opinion) should be long enough to go at least 3/4 of the way through the wheel.

I am referring to the style in the top photo. The style with a shank on it.
There are different shank length's available as well as versions with open ends where any excess stud can extend through them (see the bottom photo.

Ideally the shaft of the lug nut should be within an eighth inch of the hub but should NOT go past the edge of the wheel.

If you have the Acorn or Bulge style lug nuts, as shown in the middle photo, then longer studs will be a must.

Given the different variations of the Conical, Bulge, or Acorn style lug nuts, It is important to get the correct ones for any given wheel as I think the angle is different depending on which one you have. Don't Assume. Do your homework.

1962 95 F.C. Van
1965 Monza Coupe
Westminster, Maryland

MID ENG enthusiast &
prior Kelmark owner.


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Re: wheel lugs question
Posted by: JimBrandberg ()
Date: January 12, 2019 05:36AM

There are two Dorman studs I use. The part numbers have been listed on this forum before if you search. Mine are out in the garage. The knurl is a tad larger but pull through with an impact okay.
Stock studs with 3 threads of engagement in the front and 5 turns in the rear are unsafe. Take a look at the last 3 threads on those 50 year old studs.

Jim Brandberg
Isanti, MN

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