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OT, Old School Van182 moomba32 09/16/2017 05:22PM 
Last Post by MattNall
briggs key code look up help195 10 toms73novass 09/16/2017 04:48PM 
Last Post by joelsplace
SOLD!! Corvair Harmonic Balancer242 spyder1 09/16/2017 03:06PM 
Last Post by spyder1
Need 1 long spoke for Corvair Kelsey Hayes Wire Wheels303 tkalp 09/16/2017 03:02PM 
Last Post by caroseiii
Sanden compressor model number.....240 RonnieG 09/16/2017 10:57AM 
Last Post by Layton Curtis
Piston not facing front298 Layton Curtis 09/16/2017 10:51AM 
Last Post by Layton Curtis
Is that part of the gas heater system?120 Mark M 09/16/2017 09:57AM 
Last Post by cnicol
How to make your four- barrel carb work    Pages: 1 2 35,960 42 DrMike 09/16/2017 05:32AM 
Last Post by JimBrandberg
1965 110hp carbs316 CHANCE1 09/15/2017 08:42PM 
Last Post by DAVECS1
EM Engine perimeter seal227 CHANCE1 09/15/2017 08:32PM 
Last Post by DAVECS1
How to Break Free - Seized Up Engine570 14 MoxyRamone 09/15/2017 08:01PM 
Last Post by Frank DuVal
FS; LM Corvair Chrome Front Bumper190 jimc 09/15/2017 06:22PM 
Last Post by jimc
NOS 1962 back-up lights ALL SOLD!!195 Mel 09/15/2017 05:58PM 
Last Post by Mel
65 for sale in Graham WA. Not mine,spinning smiley sticking its tongue out453 12 American Mel 09/15/2017 05:33PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Crown part needed    Pages: 1 2614 27 mercman 09/15/2017 05:26PM 
Last Post by Corveight
Turbo alteration questions242 Mark M 09/15/2017 04:46PM 
Last Post by Joe West
WTB "NEW" Plastic Connector for a LM Headlight Switch121 OttawaCorvairGuy 09/15/2017 03:25PM 
Last Post by OttawaCorvairGuy
South Coast Corsa Cruise-In 2017: Ageless to Anarchy REPORTS!! hot smiley589 13 61valdez 09/15/2017 02:59PM 
Last Post by Marco_a_p
Bonehead move... sheesh667 Joe West 09/15/2017 02:07PM 
Last Post by Caraholic4life
OT. In hospital, had electronic ignition installed    Pages: 1 2601 22 red64vair 09/15/2017 12:41PM 
Last Post by Ratt643
Irma302 10 eddieb 09/15/2017 12:00PM 
Last Post by EM-racer
Two Spyders for Sale - Not Mine206 Tom Rahochik 09/15/2017 11:49AM 
Last Post by Tom Rahochik
Intermittent start202 11 sundance00 09/15/2017 09:39AM 
Last Post by steve c goodman
LM Rear window300 gnrand 09/15/2017 08:02AM 
Last Post by jimc
OT/FS: 74 MG Midget600 13 JP_REX 09/15/2017 06:46AM 
Last Post by Paulsgt
EM Motor Install272 11 CHANCE1 09/14/2017 05:55PM 
Last Post by CHANCE1
NEW (to me) Loadside    Pages: 1 2571 22 monza66mo 09/14/2017 04:31PM 
Last Post by Paulsgt
For Sale LM Interior Fuse Block Harness with Ignition Switch and Key181 spyder1 09/14/2017 04:24PM 
Last Post by Timothy Shortle
FS: 1962 Huffaker Genie MKV Corvair $165K498 20 NapaVair 09/14/2017 04:02PM 
Last Post by Timothy Shortle
Corvette oil gauge; power antenna537 12 scottymac 09/14/2017 02:11PM 
Last Post by gnvair
65 Corsa FS 1K (not mine)365 gnrand 09/14/2017 01:37PM 
Last Post by 63vert
about to start on the washer pump unit on my 64 spyder283 SpyderFan 09/14/2017 12:19PM 
Last Post by thumper477
'66 Power Top271 10 corvairsince70 09/14/2017 11:37AM 
Last Post by coleslaw31
1968 UltraVan #381 in Danville, PA SOLD!!307 owen 09/14/2017 09:52AM 
Last Post by owen
Is mine the oldest remaining 64 Spyder vert, or coupe?202 Mark M 09/14/2017 08:33AM 
Last Post by Mark M
64 car interior code Q?136 Mark M 09/14/2017 07:54AM 
Last Post by Mark M
For Sale LM Front Grill Bar with Trunk Lock and Key263 spyder1 09/14/2017 07:25AM 
Last Post by Wagon Master
AC Spark Plug for 1961 Monza114 MonzaJPD61 09/14/2017 02:38AM 
Last Post by JimBrandberg
still looking for a Caveman Car485 eddieb 09/13/2017 08:51PM 
Last Post by caroseiii
SOLD!! Early model rebuilt Speedometer.smoking smiley917 davemotohead 09/13/2017 08:23PM 
Last Post by davemotohead
Gas Tank, Coatings ??400 16 SoloCP 09/13/2017 08:00PM 
Last Post by cepak
Rampside price683 19 Gigharborvair 09/13/2017 05:10PM 
Last Post by Frogfinder
Pictures of Dale's "Red Baron" More-Door grinning smiley585 17 oldqmguy 09/13/2017 01:49PM 
Last Post by Setterz54
Toss discount at Vagabond Inn in Palm Springs409 15 geezer43 09/13/2017 12:36PM 
Last Post by solo2r
PG mated to engine, wont turn over    Pages: 1 2833 33 mattlockwood 09/13/2017 12:28PM 
Last Post by mattlockwood
OT. 1963 LEMANS 6 SPEED    Pages: 1 2 3 47,087 80 Jim 09/13/2017 10:42AM 
Last Post by cschneider53
Made minor progress222 Demon-Xanth 09/13/2017 08:16AM 
Last Post by Demon-Xanth
Battery rejuvenation265 corvairdoug 09/13/2017 07:01AM 
Last Post by Shonan
Fiberfab question249 bullitt4248 09/13/2017 05:40AM 
Last Post by isucorvair
Vairy V8 (AKA SuperVair) Rides Again thumbs upthumbs up    Pages: 1 21,296 35 Phil Dally 09/13/2017 04:03AM 
Last Post by v8vair
Corvair engine powering whole house generator?572 17 1966_Corsa 09/12/2017 09:11PM 
Last Post by 1966-Corsa-GT-180
Transporting a late model without the engine    Pages: 1 2501 22 Charles W. Moss 09/12/2017 08:26PM 
Last Post by MarkDustan
Stock FC wheel ID180 joelsplace 09/12/2017 08:13PM 
Last Post by joelsplace
New Build: Project "Corsa GTP Convertible" hot smiley (L67, F40, etc.)    Pages: 1 ... 5 6 721,875 130 VairKing 09/12/2017 06:46PM 
Last Post by jaime
For those that know Smitty Smith of Virginia / '64 Lakewood!663 16 MattNall 09/12/2017 05:56PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Vintage Corsa September meeting 9/7/17188 john.jackson 09/12/2017 03:56PM 
Last Post by john.jackson
NOS 60-61 Parking Brake Alarm Signal SOLD!!166 Freeman 09/12/2017 11:27AM 
Last Post by Freeman
Oklahoma City Club    Pages: 1 2999 27 Spectre 09/12/2017 10:36AM 
Last Post by joemonza
Greenbrier restoration242 larry cooper 09/12/2017 09:21AM 
Last Post by larry cooper
9/11 Patriot Day202 Phil Dally 09/12/2017 08:29AM 
Last Post by Timothy Shortle
OT- Never thought I would own a Mercedes...512 azdave 09/12/2017 08:04AM 
Last Post by flat_six
looking for info from 61,62,63 Chevy Accessory Installation Manual149 toms73novass 09/12/2017 07:31AM 
Last Post by 67 airvair
2017 Great Plains Corvair Roundup147 Rf4jetmech 09/12/2017 06:49AM 
Last Post by Spectre
Is 1960 Tank Required For Gas Heater?164 wv-geo 09/12/2017 05:43AM 
Last Post by wv-geo
MECUM / BARRETT JACKSON525 10 bobg1951chevy 09/12/2017 05:40AM 
Last Post by azdave
Vairs in the valley reg. form199 10 ac1948 09/12/2017 02:07AM 
Last Post by Skizz
WTB: Speedometer parts245 '66Monza 09/11/2017 08:40PM 
Last Post by vairygood
FC Fire Dept Truck Restoration    Pages: 1 ... 16 17 1819,237 348 SteveInMarietta 09/11/2017 06:48PM 
Last Post by SteveInMarietta
LM Brakes285 gnrand 09/11/2017 06:11PM 
Last Post by BorondaFarmRacing
One Valve Adjustment Different than the Rest263 JP_REX 09/11/2017 05:14PM 
Last Post by JP_REX
engine sheet metal surround rubber181 Coho Cliff 09/11/2017 04:48PM 
Last Post by Lane66m
65 Monza Bucket Seat Redo upholstery567 19 jasonscorvairs 09/11/2017 03:03PM 
Last Post by jasonscorvairs
New Orleans Corvair Club meeting this Saturday!107 rnch 09/11/2017 12:50PM 
Last Post by rnch
More Corvair Attention217 irvan 09/11/2017 12:34PM 
Last Post by irvan
Service Page from the GULF safety "car chek" guide257 ROD 09/11/2017 10:30AM 
Last Post by Timothy Shortle
Dwell Reading with Pertronix Ignitor I Installed296 10 MonzaJPD61 09/11/2017 10:28AM 
Last Post by cnicol
Really rare LM convertible345 dhomuth 09/11/2017 09:48AM 
Last Post by Timothy Shortle
1963 Greenbrier pivot bolt height and rear wheel camber.142 Andrew B 09/11/2017 08:40AM 
Last Post by Andrew B
3 piece Flywheel flange Flexplate Survey Please511 20 Max Roeder 09/11/2017 08:01AM 
Last Post by corventure Dave
PG Leak Troubleshoot Question226 14 AndyO 09/11/2017 06:47AM 
Last Post by glivorsi
How to remove lower control arm bolts    Pages: 1 2651 22 bnoggle 09/11/2017 03:08AM 
Last Post by JimBrandberg
Parts Wanted339 Bob Helt 09/11/2017 02:59AM 
Last Post by Bob Helt
How to remove scratches from glass.394 jimc 09/10/2017 07:47PM 
Last Post by American Mel
WTB 67 110hp Cyl. Head232 monza67 09/10/2017 04:58PM 
Last Post by 2ragtops
replace oil fill tube474 15 boyd 09/10/2017 03:25PM 
Last Post by Lane66m
Camper van?517 11 Ozzies 63 09/10/2017 09:09AM 
Last Post by Ozzies 63
WTB - Brokaw Chev. Lic. Frame354 JerryM 09/10/2017 07:10AM 
Last Post by JerryM
O-T Beautifully Destructive! Hurricane Irma on NullSchool wind map. Look Out Florida and Beyond...    Pages: 1 2918 27 1966-Corsa-GT-180 09/10/2017 03:49AM 
Last Post by Lane66m
WTB, NOS EM Fuel gage-60-64 car120 Murphy 09/09/2017 11:25PM 
Last Post by Murphy
64 Spyder FS (not mine)287 gnrand 09/09/2017 11:15PM 
Last Post by bbakerga
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