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turbo parts323 gee 07/07/2009 01:03PM 
Last Post by gee
Stuck Backup Switch (EM 4-sp)282 hughest 07/07/2009 12:56PM 
Last Post by steve c goodman
worn tires497 11 richard1 07/07/2009 12:24PM 
Last Post by richard1
Diff blowing 90wt out vent508 16 Michael A 07/07/2009 11:17AM 
Last Post by Tom Z
Shudder in 1st gear583 11 df14936 07/07/2009 06:43AM 
Last Post by miniman82
Mesurements for seat track length/width and bolt hole spacing636 Vairforce1 07/07/2009 04:33AM 
Last Post by Thekingoflit
Anti-Roll Bar Question416 Marion 07/07/2009 03:09AM 
Last Post by steve c goodman
More wastegate and turbo exhaust coating611 13 ral1963 07/07/2009 12:38AM 
Last Post by miniman82
new tires for sale490 ccvair 07/06/2009 10:58PM 
Last Post by ccvair
Old fartsthumbs up    Pages: 1 21,009 33 62corvairjunky 07/06/2009 10:51PM 
Last Post by macavs
BACK OUT OF STORAGE 140358 Jim 07/06/2009 10:51PM 
Last Post by Mike J
Valve adjustment diagnosis399 14 monzahrdtp 07/06/2009 10:37PM 
Last Post by ManxManiac
What is this little bugger on my carb?    Pages: 1 2 3 41,866 66 500 forever 07/06/2009 10:30PM 
Last Post by ccvair
Pics! HCS 09678 18 Curtis 07/06/2009 09:57PM 
Last Post by MattNall
OT: Ken Block Video on the show Top Gear! Awesome!!362 jhawk 07/06/2009 08:38PM 
Last Post by jhawk
Where to buy back issues communique348 irvan 07/06/2009 08:32PM 
Last Post by irvan
Torque arm bolt size? LM359 aircooled6 07/06/2009 08:02PM 
Last Post by aircooled6
Rear Axle Shear    Pages: 1 21,039 25 Ray Chappell 07/06/2009 07:56PM 
Last Post by Ray Chappell
Why Bother To Fully Inspect Your New Purchase?    Pages: 1 21,049 23 firevair66 07/06/2009 07:46PM 
Last Post by Mike J
Friend needs '69 Wiring Dia312 Curtis 07/06/2009 07:39PM 
Last Post by Mike J
The 1st 20 mile drive - more videohot smiley    Pages: 1 2930 25 richard1 07/06/2009 06:56PM 
Last Post by russmcd
63 black conv seats for sale415 robert wilkinson 07/06/2009 05:41PM 
Last Post by Mark M
Valve Cover Gaskets416 Jeeper 07/06/2009 03:15PM 
Last Post by mike hicks
axle oil418 doublej251 07/06/2009 12:57PM 
Last Post by steve c goodman
Whatever Happened To Wheelerizing?555 vairchet 07/06/2009 10:39AM 
Last Post by Scott V
Norris rockers346 caroseiii 07/06/2009 10:23AM 
Last Post by Scott V
FS: 63 GB Camper for $350393 Gary 07/06/2009 06:07AM 
Last Post by RthrDent
KYB GR-2 shocks339 perrya 07/06/2009 04:40AM 
Last Post by MattNall
Brake lines490 12 kcmen66 07/06/2009 04:34AM 
Last Post by 66vairman
mufflers297 perrya 07/06/2009 03:18AM 
Last Post by cnicol
Another sand rail for sale311 corvrman 07/06/2009 01:17AM 
Last Post by MattNall
Sandrail w/F.I. For Sale349 YenkoYS-100 07/06/2009 01:11AM 
Last Post by corvrman
Looking for old Corvair Racing buddy285 K1VSC 07/06/2009 01:06AM 
Last Post by MattNall
EM front suspension drop - pull tank?335 Mark M 07/06/2009 12:17AM 
Last Post by rick4130
Engine, heads, cylinder kit and piston ID help667 13 Mark M 07/05/2009 11:31PM 
Last Post by Mark M
Corvair FAQ713 18 Curtis 07/05/2009 11:12PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Wanted - left rear quarter panel for my 66 vert399 07/05/2009 10:56PM 
Last Post by texas yenko dude
Need a truck- Who wants to trade for my '65599 Radio Joe 07/05/2009 07:20PM 
Last Post by Radio Joe
backfiring, HEI, you name it!!!    Pages: 1 2841 23 rick4130 07/05/2009 06:09PM 
Last Post by rick4130
Turbo assembly rebuild question510 14 keitho64 07/05/2009 04:13PM 
Last Post by MattNall
What are these parts ?404 philoucas 07/05/2009 04:11PM 
Last Post by MattNall
High Performance small valve heads397 tknobby 07/05/2009 04:04PM 
Last Post by tknobby
RUNNING A TURBO MOTOR SANS TURBO?428 11 kenFL 07/05/2009 03:50PM 
Last Post by kenFL
'65 Posi Diff for an FC?    Pages: 1 2745 26 gwydionjhr 07/05/2009 03:39PM 
Last Post by caroseiii
Purpose of a Forum?    Pages: 1 21,023 38 13hellbilly69 07/05/2009 03:23PM 
Last Post by ScottS
What Does 142.395 MPH Look Like?403 Phil Dally 07/05/2009 03:05PM 
Last Post by rick4130
65 corsa tranny ?'s412 11 Guru 07/05/2009 02:55PM 
Last Post by Guru
Show me a picture of your floor429 corvrman 07/05/2009 01:29PM 
Last Post by AREA 51
Happy 4th (belated) plus heat issues322 monzahrdtp 07/05/2009 06:37AM 
Last Post by monzahrdtp
hot smileyDESPERATE! Need Long Skirt TRW .060 Forged Piston352 gwydionjhr 07/05/2009 02:55AM 
Last Post by gwydionjhr
3rd place with my 63 Spyder345 beguiled 07/04/2009 11:54PM 
Last Post by corvrman
Alternative material for turbo pipes311 Mark Pietz 07/04/2009 11:37PM 
Last Post by AREA 51
Dead Spyder420 dave b 07/04/2009 08:54PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Clutch opitions????508 14 Thekingoflit 07/04/2009 08:44PM 
Last Post by MattNall
LED Voltmeter447 polymer 07/04/2009 06:39PM 
Last Post by corvrman
confused smiley converting '66 140 2nd-ary carb linkage to '65 style472 12 monza66mo 07/04/2009 02:41PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Opinion on PG with headers and glasspacksthumbs down780 14 AProsise 07/04/2009 02:15PM 
Last Post by firevair66
FC Brake hose sources?    Pages: 1 2879 22 Junkle 07/04/2009 01:08PM 
Last Post by Junkle
Marine Assault O/T447 Phil Dally 07/04/2009 11:13AM 
Last Post by Phil Dally
fc fuel line access369 10 mike hicks 07/04/2009 05:21AM 
Last Post by mike hicks
Torque arms revisited (msg for 500frver )298 shomeyrwit 07/04/2009 03:39AM 
Last Post by shomeyrwit
Corvair Camper on Feebay...429 Wabbitkiller 07/04/2009 02:59AM 
Last Post by MattNall
Finally found a good oil for $19 a gallon    Pages: 1 21,124 38 jacqueslilavois 07/04/2009 02:02AM 
Last Post by ral1963
"A LM IS NOT A TRUE CORVAIR!!!!!!!"    Pages: 1 2 31,701 48 Thekingoflit 07/04/2009 01:43AM 
Last Post by Thekingoflit
Help with coil connection on my 66447 20 07/04/2009 12:14AM 
Last Post by
Wiring Diagram Colors343 fclight 07/04/2009 12:08AM 
Last Post by acardon
Rebuilt rockers481 07/03/2009 11:37PM 
Last Post by
Quick question...434 11 shadash 07/03/2009 10:46PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Hot Deal on SW LM Coupe? No reserve!377 MattNall 07/03/2009 10:16PM 
Last Post by texas yenko dude
1963 Corvair, Monza 900 convertible $1650 Phx AZ374 13hellbilly69 07/03/2009 09:48PM 
Last Post by 13hellbilly69
New (to me) dual exhaust533 18 lgoodwin 07/03/2009 08:56PM 
Last Post by lgoodwin
Check this out! Interesting...487 slickcar 07/03/2009 07:30PM 
Last Post by SpyderMan
66 Corsa for sale655 11 polymer 07/03/2009 07:00PM 
Last Post by Geardo
Side bearing Adj Sleeve Seal319 DaSpyder 07/03/2009 05:51PM 
Last Post by DaSpyder
Clutch issue, non-Vair315 RthrDent 07/03/2009 05:34PM 
Last Post by RthrDent
Drove it home last night.    Pages: 1 2893 21 RAV_AIR 07/03/2009 05:18PM 
Last Post by RAV_AIR
Need help with a search289 2ragtops 07/03/2009 03:46PM 
Last Post by cnicol
Pre-Ebay listing of 65 vert401 perrya 07/03/2009 03:19PM 
Last Post by perrya
The first videosmileys with beer    Pages: 1 2848 32 richard1 07/03/2009 02:43PM 
Last Post by afragasr
Fuel pump failing...431 11 Wabbitkiller 07/03/2009 01:54PM 
Last Post by Wabbitkiller
FC Paint question???377 upnorth1 07/03/2009 01:31PM 
Last Post by upnorth1
GCCG President died.566 polymer 07/03/2009 01:26PM 
Last Post by davhamm
Setting Carb Float Drop831 hughest 07/03/2009 11:21AM 
Last Post by Adessa's Driver
Corsa go bye-bye638 12 RthrDent 07/03/2009 10:44AM 
Last Post by blackspyder
Greenbrier pic help.468 10 nodice5542 07/03/2009 10:44AM 
Last Post by nodice5542
1963 Greenbrier complete with crust.658 15 danielmorsk 07/03/2009 04:10AM 
Last Post by gwydionjhr
Ray Sedman    Pages: 1 21,502 27 flashpoint 07/03/2009 04:03AM 
Last Post by art in va
Need information on PG bellhousings370 2ragtops 07/03/2009 03:56AM 
Last Post by steve c goodman
how hard to change the headliner701 15 rnch 07/03/2009 01:36AM 
Last Post by TIBCO
AC in a Greenbrier448 VairNut 07/03/2009 12:02AM 
Last Post by Jim
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