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Help with Sunvisor!132 Salty 10/06/2018 03:56AM 
Last Post by red monza
Forward Control License Plate Mount98 RKF 10/06/2018 01:55AM 
Last Post by RKF
Anybody own this 66 Corsa Coupe with/ A/C187 Seth Emerson 10/06/2018 12:39AM 
Last Post by Seth Emerson
New Member : Quality Restoration Repair Shop near Agusta, Ga. ???124 Cliffmon 10/05/2018 10:43PM 
Last Post by yenkomark
Runs bad after being shut off - turbo.    Pages: 1 2304 21 goatsnvairs 10/05/2018 10:05PM 
Last Post by joelsplace
Thanks to all who gave their advice192 60vair 700 10/05/2018 08:11PM 
Last Post by Frank DuVal
OT iron resurrection153 vairygood 10/05/2018 07:47PM 
Last Post by kenzen
Great discovery to end frustration350 Tom Turbo 10/05/2018 06:14PM 
Last Post by 66vairman
Carroll Shelby drove a CORVAIR at Riverside.1,717 18 66vairman 10/05/2018 03:03PM 
Last Post by Skizz
Wanted: 1966 RED Ashtray- Original Paint224 15 isucorvair 10/05/2018 02:03PM 
Last Post by 1966-Corsa-GT-180
This is a test! drinking smiley162 oldqmguy 10/05/2018 01:21PM 
Last Post by American Mel
SUCCESS!! Thank you all for your help. smileys with beer349 12 playerpage 10/05/2018 11:46AM 
Last Post by MattNall
Belts and timing Question    Pages: 1 2581 24 DaveK 10/05/2018 06:31AM 
Last Post by JimBrandberg
Turbo ID136 donald g 10/04/2018 11:18PM 
Last Post by 1966-Corsa-GT-180
Low Cost ODM replacement with an app:155 playerpage 10/04/2018 10:00PM 
Last Post by 66vairman
SOLD!! - Some progressive 2-barrel Weber carbs260 Seth Emerson 10/04/2018 07:17PM 
Last Post by chris
For sale - Shift knobs - For your consideration!486 Seth Emerson 10/04/2018 07:01PM 
Last Post by American Mel
VIR All Corvair Race421 10 vairmech 10/04/2018 06:35PM 
Last Post by v8vair
Who carries this type/kind of oil pan gasket?609 10 solo2r 10/04/2018 06:02PM 
Last Post by jasvair
Show Quality Restoration Repair Shop    Pages: 1 2617 21 pmacdonaldks 10/04/2018 04:50PM 
Last Post by donald g
Matching Numbers281 16 EM-racer 10/04/2018 04:28PM 
Last Post by squirrel
Was there ever a "Bolt On Hard Top" for a LM?399 14 rnch 10/04/2018 02:55PM 
Last Post by Caraholic4life
FS: Road Draft Vent Tube (used on some EMs)80 Lane66m 10/04/2018 02:22PM 
Last Post by Lane66m
80hp 4speed swap or rebuild?349 19 UnauthorizedServiceTech 10/04/2018 01:17PM 
Last Post by UnauthorizedServiceTech
F/S 62-69 90 degree oil filter adapter Free Shipping129 markaxamit 10/04/2018 12:25PM 
Last Post by john.jackson
Looking to buy LM turbo exhaust/engine parts179 66ragcorsa 10/04/2018 08:28AM 
Last Post by 66ragcorsa
Pertronix adjustment219 deeair 10/04/2018 06:44AM 
Last Post by JimBrandberg
Transmission Building-Just When You Think You have Seen It All364 vairmech 10/04/2018 06:28AM 
Last Post by vairmech
what was GM thinking ?536 beenzo2since71 10/04/2018 06:05AM 
Last Post by JimBrandberg
Differential rebuild issue153 kaminski45 10/04/2018 05:51AM 
Last Post by vairmech
How Rare is this Car/ body tag?304 davemotohead 10/03/2018 07:36PM 
Last Post by veverlove
Stronger Transmission    Pages: 1 2643 28 LeadFootLogan 10/03/2018 05:44PM 
Last Post by 66vairman
Question about Arm rest in 1968 Monza128 Peacemaker 10/03/2018 05:42PM 
Last Post by DCMain
66 with 4-speed automatic!248 joelsplace 10/03/2018 04:33PM 
Last Post by NMCarNut
SOLD!! : Pertronix Ignitor-- Free Shipping83 markaxamit 10/03/2018 02:34PM 
Last Post by joelsplace
F/S 1964 150 Turbo Distributor #1110314 Free Shipping53 markaxamit 10/03/2018 01:28PM 
Last Post by markaxamit
OT: I dove into the deep end and bought a Chevy Volt!eye popping smiley    Pages: 1 2773 36 cnicol 10/03/2018 11:00AM 
Last Post by MattNall
SOLD : Clarks Molded Dash Pad, Red279 isucorvair 10/03/2018 10:17AM 
Last Post by isucorvair
Wagon in or near Laverne OK78 joelsplace 10/03/2018 10:17AM 
Last Post by joelsplace
LM Internally Regulator Alternator Upgrade / SMALL Odyssey battery "Cranking" test!    Pages: 1 2874 39 65 Corsa Vert 10/03/2018 08:11AM 
Last Post by MattNall
Speaking of A/C Engine Cases...Free on SF C/L258 Phil Dally 10/03/2018 05:28AM 
Last Post by gnvair
What's Up With This?364 MonzaJPD61 10/03/2018 04:40AM 
Last Post by JimBrandberg
Oct 2 hot smiley354 Mel 10/03/2018 04:30AM 
Last Post by JimBrandberg
UPDATE!! NEW Tech 4-1/4 x 2" Auto-darkening LENS replacement Shades 3-11769 20 MattNall 10/02/2018 10:06PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Quick steering box. Does anyone have comparison pictures of what is different inside the box?576 14 gnvair 10/02/2018 07:20PM 
Last Post by Mountainman
OT Crusin Keesler182 vairygood 10/02/2018 06:39PM 
Last Post by rowin4
So Long's Been Fun!!!586 Phil Dally 10/02/2018 05:55PM 
Last Post by Paulsgt
Can GM Canada look up Body Tag # to Provide lost VIN?171 10 Robski 10/02/2018 05:38PM 
Last Post by Robski
Valve Tapping after setting timing267 10 GMB 10/02/2018 05:16PM 
Last Post by Wagon Master
Fan belt & motor mount replacement337 16 paulurban 10/02/2018 03:06PM 
Last Post by oldqmguy
For Sale : FC parts and Clark's Quick arms FREE SHIPPING!468 MattNall 10/02/2018 12:13PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Period photos of Chev dealers with Corvairs    Pages: 1 2 33,602 41 BrentF 10/02/2018 11:59AM 
Last Post by American Mel
smiling bouncing smileyCORSA Holiday Cards are Now Available175 Allan Lacki 10/02/2018 11:25AM 
Last Post by Allan Lacki
Super Chevy June 2018: Corvair Endurance test 1961 with Carrol Shelby142 kdrolt 10/02/2018 10:51AM 
Last Post by 1966-Corsa-GT-180
ummm, only runs on one side?????272 bubba 10/02/2018 10:34AM 
Last Post by Gregory_Miller
SOLD!! NOS Clutch disc 8" smileys with beer240 Mel 10/02/2018 09:19AM 
Last Post by Mel
For those that know Rick Norris741 18 MattNall 10/02/2018 08:23AM 
Last Post by steve c goodman
crunching numbers299 rowin4 10/02/2018 07:29AM 
Last Post by Wagon Master
I enjoy driving beater corvairs more than nice ones    Pages: 1 2 32,750 47 jasonscorvairs 10/02/2018 03:24AM 
Last Post by Darrin
Spyder Dash bulb numbers136 alan_smithee 10/01/2018 07:24PM 
Last Post by MattNall
O/T-Who Knows About "Grey Market" Tractors384 16 Phil Dally 10/01/2018 07:03PM 
Last Post by vairsUPnorth
How much rust is too much on Ring & Pinion?247 11 joelsplace 10/01/2018 07:02PM 
Last Post by joelsplace
Why put a V8 in your Corvair ??574 16 v8vair 10/01/2018 06:49PM 
Last Post by ROD
Build date221 JerryM 10/01/2018 05:46PM 
Last Post by 1966-Corsa-GT-180
POLL : Have a 1966 140 engine with AC?    Pages: 1 2737 40 Frank DuVal 10/01/2018 05:41PM 
Last Post by 1966-Corsa-GT-180
lower control arm removal and installation207 Corvair1976 10/01/2018 04:55PM 
Last Post by 65Ragtop
WTB: 1963 95's panel van rear axle bearing dust shield95 blakelukehart25 10/01/2018 04:51PM 
Last Post by blakelukehart25
BACKUP SWITCH ON A 64 MONZA154 BILLG 10/01/2018 10:15AM 
Last Post by BILLG
New engine I just started today running on the stand.373 13 davemotohead 10/01/2018 08:15AM 
Last Post by Gregory_Miller
And Now For Something a Little Different279 Phil Dally 10/01/2018 06:45AM 
Last Post by Phil Dally
What type of grease/oil/lubricant to use on the convertible top's hinges?103 rnch 10/01/2018 06:07AM 
Last Post by jjohnsonjo
Junkyard Primer correction349 joelsplace 10/01/2018 05:33AM 
Last Post by joelsplace
Reports!!2018 CORVAIR COLLEGE & SWAP MEET - Vancouver, Washington473 1966-Corsa-GT-180 09/30/2018 09:34PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Rear Strut Rod Bushings?    Pages: 1 2 3 44,682 62 vaporloc 09/30/2018 08:49PM 
Last Post by 66vairman
Exhaust modifications for turbo engine396 11 toms73novass 09/30/2018 08:24PM 
Last Post by 63turbo
NOS FC Grill wanted + other FC parts425 upnorth1 09/30/2018 06:50PM 
Last Post by upnorth1
Semi-sorta OT Interesting sheet-metal opposed 8 projection from 1962328 1966-Corsa-GT-180 09/30/2018 03:38PM 
Last Post by caroseiii
Washers under bell housing bolts194 12 joelsplace 09/30/2018 02:48PM 
Last Post by RexJohnson
'64 Flex Plate267 20 joelsplace 09/30/2018 02:20PM 
Last Post by RexJohnson
F/S : Early Windshields available (used)83 Caveman_1960 09/30/2018 01:35PM 
Last Post by Caveman_1960
110-Volt Wire on body tag?268 15 joelsplace 09/30/2018 06:54AM 
Last Post by stitch
Dave's Moto FUC up?740 19 davemotohead 09/29/2018 10:48PM 
Last Post by JamesD
OT...T-Shirt174 vairygood 09/29/2018 10:29PM 
Last Post by vairygood
OT - Plumber Help Please436 19 OttawaCorvairGuy 09/29/2018 09:08PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Free $5 eBay 9/29 only67 joelsplace 09/29/2018 08:38PM 
Last Post by joelsplace
F/S. LM parts358 Nelson 09/29/2018 08:17PM 
Last Post by Nelson
Oddball 1962 FC found on craigslist in Conn.366 Caraholic4life 09/29/2018 07:32PM 
Last Post by streblerm
Increasing the wheel well281 gnrand 09/29/2018 06:32PM 
Last Post by moomba32
Differential bearing numbers79 joelsplace 09/29/2018 03:27PM 
Last Post by joelsplace
Positraction Plate kits Regular Pricing starts October 1, 2018405 13 Seth Emerson 09/29/2018 12:16PM 
Last Post by davemotohead
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