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For Sale 1964 rear air grille stone shields469 junkman 01/17/2020 03:04PM 
Last Post by RThompson
Need 1960 Oshawa CAN built Corvair info215 ral1963 01/17/2020 02:28PM 
Last Post by OttawaCorvairGuy
Looking for examples of 1960 & 1961 Oshawa Canada builtCorvair Trim/Body tags - I need your help!500 10 ral1963 01/17/2020 02:23PM 
Last Post by OttawaCorvairGuy
O/T Microsoft Windows 7    Pages: 1 2 3591 46 JimBrandberg 01/17/2020 10:39AM 
Last Post by David Malcolm
Off Topic....some car safety STATS/FACTS    Pages: 1 2389 21 red monza 01/17/2020 08:36AM 
Last Post by MattNall
SOLD! 65 Telescopic Steering Column284 jasvair 01/17/2020 02:10AM 
Last Post by jasvair
Fluid capacity?158 48kb1panel 01/16/2020 08:08PM 
Last Post by JimBrandberg
Diagnosing rear wheel noise - wheel bearing?237 12 statue4 01/16/2020 04:35PM 
Last Post by vairmech
Barrett Jackson / Scottsdale 2020 Results399 14 MattNall 01/16/2020 04:31PM 
Last Post by firevair66
1964 generator277 16 Mojan_n 01/16/2020 04:05PM 
Last Post by junkman
F/S Chevrolet New Car Warranty Envelope821 12 junkman 01/16/2020 03:57PM 
Last Post by junkman
FOUND!! Carb Rotators and Linkage206 v8vair 01/16/2020 03:47PM 
Last Post by isucorvair
1966 LOS-built Corsa coupes    Pages: 1 ... 8 9 1011,893 191 Eric66 01/16/2020 03:23PM 
Last Post by playerpage
EM Disc brake hub209 13 Frogman1195 01/16/2020 03:18PM 
Last Post by Ratt643
Mecum wagon294 eddieb 01/16/2020 01:47PM 
Last Post by 145236
OT Does anyone happen to have a 2015 Silverado 3500 or 2500?257 17 OttawaCorvairGuy 01/16/2020 10:54AM 
Last Post by OttawaCorvairGuy
Boring Cylinders with Torque plates?288 14 jjohnsonjo 01/16/2020 10:42AM 
Last Post by racingguy2
Is Crossfire An Issue?384 16 loud41 01/16/2020 09:32AM 
Last Post by Wagon Master
OT sad smileyRIP Neal Peart395 11 solo2r 01/16/2020 09:15AM 
Last Post by Carburetor
Bucketboss DIN Bezel 2.0    Pages: 1 21,690 28 cschneider53 01/16/2020 08:05AM 
Last Post by pvholgado
SOLD!! 1964 Spyder Full Wheel Covers655 junkman 01/16/2020 07:46AM 
Last Post by junkman
F/S!!: NOS EM Windshield590 junkman 01/16/2020 07:45AM 
Last Post by junkman
F/S Restored Kelsey Hayes Wire Wheels    Pages: 1 22,511 22 junkman 01/16/2020 07:36AM 
Last Post by junkman
NOS WHEEL COVER INSERTS F/S317 junkman 01/16/2020 07:34AM 
Last Post by junkman
NOS GM 1961- 1965 4 SPEED BACK UP LAMP SWITCH ALL MODELS90 junkman 01/16/2020 07:29AM 
Last Post by junkman
Gauging interest in begging Bucketboss to do another run of DIN 2.0 bezelshot smiley123 pvholgado 01/16/2020 07:25AM 
Last Post by Spectre
Speaking of Home made Shifters347 16 vairmech 01/16/2020 05:46AM 
Last Post by vairmech
How much fabric?377 JwLeighton 01/15/2020 11:22PM 
Last Post by JwLeighton
Steering column wiring95 Nelsonazu 01/15/2020 11:03PM 
Last Post by Seth Emerson
Last Post by DOUG WARD
Correct Color for Spyder Tranny & Dif329 14 RKF 01/15/2020 04:14PM 
Last Post by goatsnvairs
Billet cylinder heads UPDATE!!    Pages: 1 ... 4 5 64,840 109 racingguy2 01/15/2020 03:49PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Services-Machine Shop Bakersfield CA Corvair Savvy    Pages: 1 21,155 23 The Californian 01/15/2020 02:55PM 
Last Post by FLSteve
6an or 8an Hose for remote oil cooler ??172 11 Nelson 01/15/2020 12:12PM 
Last Post by MattNall
F/S - A Few Remnants of my Restoration For Sale469 playerpage 01/15/2020 12:02PM 
Last Post by playerpage
Rear heater cover FOUND!!223 48kb1panel 01/15/2020 12:01PM 
Last Post by 48kb1panel
Front marker lights not functioning114 Wurth1 01/15/2020 09:42AM 
Last Post by alan_smithee
Which Spark Plugs to Use    Pages: 1 21,545 22 OHIOTOM 01/15/2020 09:08AM 
Last Post by joelsplace
1961 Bodytag any Help with ACC.?150 Corvaircorsa@Germany 01/15/2020 08:49AM 
Last Post by Corvaircorsa@Germany
Shock Absorbers Then and Now    Pages: 1 2757 24 RKF 01/15/2020 08:23AM 
Last Post by corventure Dave
Ultra Van National Meet?118 Kyle_in_Mich 01/15/2020 08:20AM 
Last Post by john.jackson
Home made shifter for a Corvair powered sportscar493 19 Philippe 01/15/2020 07:20AM 
Last Post by Ratt643
SOLD!! : Factory quick steering arms.452 2manyvairs2fix 01/14/2020 06:17PM 
Last Post by kenzen
Tail/backup lamp function140 Wurth1 01/14/2020 01:54PM 
Last Post by 66vairman
Need input on drilling block for new head studs.    Pages: 1 2 3683 51 63 Spyder Ragtop 01/14/2020 09:54AM 
Last Post by larry202br
Help. Who's Yenko Stinger is this491 12 Randy m 01/14/2020 07:01AM 
Last Post by texas yenko dude
FS rebuilt 67-69 QSB173 texas yenko dude 01/14/2020 06:30AM 
Last Post by texas yenko dude
OT I've never seen one of these before. Have you??    Pages: 1 2511 22 OttawaCorvairGuy 01/14/2020 04:52AM 
Last Post by vairmech
2020 Corvair Performance Workshop?182 TedBrown 01/13/2020 07:38PM 
Last Post by TedBrown
Could not Resist... Vairy Cool, Clear Corvair - thumbs up1,494 14 1966-Corsa-GT-180 01/13/2020 06:28PM 
Last Post by Kyle_in_Mich
OT time for a quick non Vair break107 jjohnsonjo 01/13/2020 05:47PM 
Last Post by MattNall
SOLD!! NOS 63-4 Car Rear Axle Bearing92 jasvair 01/13/2020 05:07PM 
Last Post by joelsplace
WTB idler bearing assys!! More the merrier!321 16 2ragtops 01/13/2020 04:41PM 
Last Post by Lane66m
WTB - 1966 NOS Right front wheel grease cap123 Tom Rahochik 01/13/2020 01:58PM 
Last Post by Caraholic4life
Need help from our Canadian members; 1960 Oshawa built Corvair info request47 ral1963 01/13/2020 12:52PM 
Last Post by ral1963
Air Conditioning and Heater Delete    Pages: 1 2756 24 Harry Moore 01/13/2020 12:45PM 
Last Post by American Mel
FIXED!! Lots of EM NOS parts $10 and less!! looks like they gave up on their project...295 MattNall 01/13/2020 11:02AM 
Last Post by MattNall
Gas Tank213 aj_ed 01/13/2020 09:06AM 
Last Post by 2manyvairs
Wiring Diagram for 4 Way Flashers186 steptoe 01/13/2020 07:31AM 
Last Post by steptoe
F/S !966 Wood Steering Wheel REPAIRED323 pvholgado 01/13/2020 06:59AM 
Last Post by pvholgado
How do you torque?238 63 Spyder Ragtop 01/13/2020 05:10AM 
Last Post by vairmech
Why don't our engines have cam bearings?    Pages: 1 2705 30 63 Spyder Ragtop 01/13/2020 04:25AM 
Last Post by dolomitefan
Wild Game! [ KC vs Hou ].....Wild idea???171 MattNall 01/12/2020 10:52PM 
Last Post by REM654DPG
What is the best way to remove overspray?374 12 Layton Curtis 01/12/2020 07:20PM 
Last Post by red monza
Is it Pak or Pack Connector and what is the number for the Headlights? - Thanks    Pages: 1 2520 29 OttawaCorvairGuy 01/12/2020 07:09PM 
Last Post by OttawaCorvairGuy
64 spyder coupe for sale252 oldspyder 01/12/2020 02:32PM 
Last Post by oldspyder
oil leak406 13 Mojan_n 01/12/2020 12:29PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Next morning valve clatter400 15 jjeffb 01/12/2020 12:16PM 
Last Post by 66vairman
Trade? Maybe? Possibly?172 eddieb 01/12/2020 11:56AM 
Last Post by eddieb
EM 1964 Rear Springs - different lengths?156 mmak116 01/12/2020 10:06AM 
Last Post by NMCarNut
Corvair Help Map - Volunteers Needed    Pages: 1 2 33,769 44 SyntheticBlinkerFluid 01/12/2020 08:26AM 
Last Post by 67 airvair
O/T Radiator drain on 2010 Caddie SRX?115 Jim Stukenborg 01/12/2020 07:40AM 
Last Post by Phil Dally
Broken Neon sign value?324 13 joelsplace 01/12/2020 06:46AM 
Last Post by TerribleTed
Heads and cylinders - to paint or not to paint?313 20 63 Spyder Ragtop 01/12/2020 06:40AM 
Last Post by jjohnsonjo
WTB: 8 door Greenbrier for export to Japan382 daisuke 01/12/2020 01:11AM 
Last Post by daisuke
Corvair T Shirt266 MonzaJPD61 01/11/2020 08:47PM 
Last Post by playerpage
110 compression test went what?    Pages: 1 2642 23 corvairdude1 01/11/2020 07:21PM 
Last Post by American Mel
more affordable jack stands    Pages: 1 2714 28 48kb1panel 01/11/2020 07:07PM 
Last Post by American Mel
Part Needed-- Bucket seat side trim - "painted"102 pvholgado 01/11/2020 06:33PM 
Last Post by Lane66m
Advice needed on Corsa dash rebuild or upgrade    Pages: 1 2620 28 pvholgado 01/11/2020 04:37PM 
Last Post by Seth Emerson
It took them 50 years to catch them OT a little227 2ragtops 01/11/2020 03:48PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Vendor error...ugh364 Grandpacorvair 01/11/2020 10:29AM 
Last Post by 2manyvairs
Craigslist Detroit '61 Lakewood $2500384 racingguy2 01/11/2020 06:25AM 
Last Post by JimBrandberg
Body Sheet and Trim tag- Match?? or??170 pvholgado 01/11/2020 05:25AM 
Last Post by pvholgado
Help needed. LM rear wheel yoke245 bruces 01/11/2020 02:38AM 
Last Post by Lane66m
SOLD!! Corvair flycutting tool245 texas yenko dude 01/10/2020 04:58PM 
Last Post by texas yenko dude
OT - Tail light Dilemma - Looking for an easy solution    Pages: 1 2337 34 OttawaCorvairGuy 01/10/2020 03:29PM 
Last Post by OttawaCorvairGuy
Headrests Aftermarket?215 Corvaircorsa@Germany 01/10/2020 02:16PM 
Last Post by mwr
SOLD!! 1965-66 Sport Steering Wheel221 2manyvairs2fix 01/10/2020 02:12PM 
Last Post by 2manyvairs2fix
Would you be interested in a LARGE round Neon CORVAIR SUPER SERVICE sign for your Garage/Cave?    Pages: 1 2897 25 1966-Corsa-GT-180 01/10/2020 10:56AM 
Last Post by chrisverble
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