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SPRING LOADED IDLERS - Last chance to save - AD220 corvairunderground 06/19/2017 01:03AM 
Last Post by corvairunderground
65 Front Shocks175 gregb 06/18/2017 11:16PM 
Last Post by Seth Emerson
Ultra Van sold in WV168 SteveInMarietta 06/18/2017 07:45PM 
Last Post by owen
Happy Father Day, Well Almost172 SoloCP 06/18/2017 06:54PM 
Last Post by jjohnsonjo
1965 Corvair 500 for sale233 corverre 06/18/2017 06:33PM 
Last Post by MattNall
need help271 15 sekaon 06/18/2017 05:28PM 
Last Post by sekaon
FOUND!! VW conversion pieces for a bus    Pages: 1 2956 21 mattlockwood 06/18/2017 03:25PM 
Last Post by Slickgib
Oklahoma City Club332 20 Spectre 06/18/2017 02:59PM 
Last Post by Spectre
Sheetmetal FS at the Convention255 caroseiii 06/18/2017 02:10PM 
Last Post by caroseiii
NOS Late Body Panels FS469 Chieftam 06/18/2017 02:09PM 
Last Post by Chieftam
Eight Door Alert on SF C/L...not mine366 11 Phil Dally 06/18/2017 10:41AM 
Last Post by campervair
Oil-pump Gears182 Frog 06/18/2017 10:27AM 
Last Post by Frog
2017 Convention Program PDF112 gmgmtl 06/18/2017 10:27AM 
Last Post by gmgmtl
Questionable headlight setup??298 12 stabac 06/18/2017 09:17AM 
Last Post by 66vairman
Wanted: NOS 65-67 left quarter panel for coupe. I can pickup or meet at convention.thumbs up263 Mountainman 06/18/2017 08:49AM 
Last Post by Mountainman
Seats and AC for 1966 Corsa Coupe440 11 rodfrazer 06/18/2017 08:40AM 
Last Post by Timothy Shortle
2 Questions regarding my Corvair266 4wd430 06/18/2017 08:20AM 
Last Post by cnicol
what to look for on supposedly original 62 Spyder?    Pages: 1 2597 22 briand 06/18/2017 08:04AM 
Last Post by briand
WTB - FC Left & right headlight assemblies99 SteveInMarietta 06/18/2017 07:53AM 
Last Post by SteveInMarietta
140 Left Hand Muffler brackets NOS 3901311 For Sale238 10 jastranc 06/17/2017 08:59PM 
Last Post by chris
Rayjay E-flow Housing Bearing223 spydergear 06/17/2017 07:52PM 
Last Post by Marco_a_p
Last Post by stabac
140 cross-shafts179 bwells 06/17/2017 06:10PM 
Last Post by SteveInMarietta
Barn Finds in NC404 daveo79 06/17/2017 04:38PM 
Last Post by MtnVairMike
Mystery at the gas pump    Pages: 1 2902 26 Timothy Shortle 06/17/2017 02:59PM 
Last Post by rmvair
Identify this V8522 14 joelsplace 06/17/2017 02:23PM 
Last Post by Seth Emerson
Different Camshaft-Lobe Widths297 Frog 06/17/2017 02:21PM 
Last Post by Ratt643
Clark's Mechanical fuel pumps?593 17 firevair66 06/17/2017 02:16PM 
Last Post by Ratt643
Corvair Hauler?514 16 Huntsville 06/17/2017 01:19PM 
Last Post by jjohnsonjo
Fan Belt 1960 Corvair 700155 18aolds 06/17/2017 01:18PM 
Last Post by MattNall
These corvairs may be for sale before its over    Pages: 1 2 3 43,787 73 red monza 06/17/2017 10:34AM 
Last Post by flamingchariots
O/T precision crushing thumbs up198 Mel 06/17/2017 09:55AM 
Last Post by MattNall
Turbo engine hesitation off idle167 11 dryenko 06/17/2017 09:52AM 
Last Post by 63turbo
Oil puddling under ignition coil???230 kenzen 06/17/2017 09:41AM 
Last Post by Ratt643
Dog dish measurment please.153 MrLakewood 06/17/2017 08:11AM 
Last Post by MrLakewood
Wagon Interior purchase list. What am I missing?    Pages: 1 2287 35 MrLakewood 06/17/2017 05:27AM 
Last Post by MrLakewood
Eastern Corvair limo for sale464 10 Spyderman64 06/17/2017 04:39AM 
Last Post by jasvair
WTB: 62 front stabilizer bar inner support "dog bone"166 Chi2 06/17/2017 03:33AM 
Last Post by blackspyder
FS 102 HP Rebuilt Engine160 caroseiii 06/16/2017 10:50PM 
Last Post by caroseiii
Need 62 & 63 WR, VN, and OA Built Fisher Tag info.354 20 ral1963 06/16/2017 09:52PM 
Last Post by momach
Brake light/Turn signal/Dome light woes    Pages: 1 2425 22 4wd430 06/16/2017 07:48PM 
Last Post by skyhawk60
Want to buy 67 to 69 Blue dash pad and left windshield pillar cover179 14 jasonscorvairs 06/16/2017 05:53PM 
Last Post by vairjunkie
7 years of good luck and then...189 MrLakewood 06/16/2017 05:50PM 
Last Post by jjohnsonjo
Boats with Wayne 100 Corvair engines question?    Pages: 1 2 32,407 49 ral1963 06/16/2017 05:49PM 
Last Post by ral1963
New shoes for the Lakewood thumbs up154 MrLakewood 06/16/2017 05:33PM 
Last Post by MrLakewood
For Sale - Wayne 100 "Corvair" Boat250 OttawaCorvairGuy 06/16/2017 05:04PM 
Last Post by OttawaCorvairGuy
Windshield Wiper Sudden Failure769 19 BritCars 06/16/2017 04:00PM 
Last Post by Ed Dowds
Hoard of Corvairs255 Layton Curtis 06/16/2017 03:31PM 
Last Post by 1966-Corsa-GT-180
Finally306 Roelof 06/16/2017 01:16PM 
Last Post by Roelof
Old Chevy Dealership Burning in Mt. Airy Maryland444 Goop Of Oil 06/16/2017 11:06AM 
Last Post by Goop Of Oil
66 500 Automatic Barn find up and running but wont move?????    Pages: 1 2514 24 66AirVair 06/16/2017 10:54AM 
Last Post by 66AirVair
'68 Monza Convertible FOR SALE364 crtoons 06/16/2017 08:23AM 
Last Post by crtoons
4 sp transmission shifter shaft does'nt move294 11 philgmx 06/16/2017 06:04AM 
Last Post by Wagon Master
FS: 1963 Monza Instrument Panel268 Lane66m 06/16/2017 04:03AM 
Last Post by Lane66m
Engine Prototype: The Stillborn Corvair Gen2 Modular Engine – From Two to Twelve Cylinders438 10 macpac 06/15/2017 08:39PM 
Last Post by FLSteve
OT Need to see if anyone can repair a part for me    Pages: 1 21,675 29 coleslaw31 06/15/2017 08:17PM 
Last Post by coleslaw31
Auto Transporter185 bobg1951chevy 06/15/2017 06:53PM 
Last Post by bobg1951chevy
Low Mileage Challenge353 Caveman_1960 06/15/2017 06:11PM 
Last Post by rowin4
65 Corsa Covert in Montana f/s196 Benfro 06/15/2017 04:50PM 
Last Post by Benfro
140 parts for sale/ 1962 monza 900542 11 Dmedina0618 06/15/2017 04:22PM 
Last Post by toytron
For sale: Parting a 65-67 110/PG engine115 vwbusman66 06/15/2017 03:54PM 
Last Post by vwbusman66
Life gets in the way... Time to finish my Lakewood!269 MrLakewood 06/15/2017 03:19PM 
Last Post by The Stig
Eelco quick steer arms on eBay228 bbakerga 06/15/2017 11:15AM 
Last Post by bbakerga
PG Help Needed.96 dingo50 06/15/2017 11:09AM 
Last Post by dingo50
Brake line nipple size89 SwedishVair 06/15/2017 10:31AM 
Last Post by Frank DuVal
where are these brackets used?    Pages: 1 21,340 38 Lane66m 06/15/2017 07:02AM 
Last Post by coleslaw31
FOR SALE; New LM Coupe Door Weathershield Paper Kit263 jimc 06/15/2017 01:16AM 
Last Post by Lane66m
Wanted - Two Corvair 95 emblems & headlight bezels179 jack bacon 06/14/2017 08:45PM 
Last Post by Marco_a_p
Anyone know who's car this is?426 blue hen 06/14/2017 07:26PM 
Last Post by Early Guy
OT - Is this the Wayne 100 Engine Number162 16 OttawaCorvairGuy 06/14/2017 07:01PM 
Last Post by OttawaCorvairGuy
1960 corvair 700 gas mileage?220 10 18aolds 06/14/2017 06:57PM 
Last Post by MattNall
1966 140 carb homemade linkage mod....really pleased    Pages: 1 21,157 24 red monza 06/14/2017 06:48PM 
Last Post by chris
[], test.jpg104 jimc 06/14/2017 06:43PM 
Last Post by MattNall
OT - I'd hate to be his kid....565 16 66Monza140 06/14/2017 06:36PM 
Last Post by MrLakewood
Looking for 1962 Monza 900 Station Wagon cloth interior Pictures.147 MrLakewood 06/14/2017 06:34PM 
Last Post by MrLakewood
FS--'64 GB, might trade232 eddieb 06/14/2017 06:19PM 
Last Post by Melb-Mike
FOUND!! : 65 Door Hinge179 10 gregb 06/14/2017 06:09PM 
Last Post by 1966-Corsa-GT-180
Turbo Engine Rebuild364 19 Ray Chappell 06/14/2017 05:57PM 
Last Post by jjohnsonjo
FC Shifter parts wanted154 Seth Emerson 06/14/2017 04:15PM 
Last Post by bobvair
Tire size 1960 Corvair 700102 18aolds 06/14/2017 03:57PM 
Last Post by Caraholic4life
corvair pg turbine shaft?139 GWLee 06/14/2017 02:55PM 
Last Post by Vairismo
Main bearing question178 Moe 06/14/2017 02:16PM 
Last Post by ken
Image Resizer132 bought1 06/14/2017 02:02PM 
Last Post by jjohnsonjo
New 10-10-10 engine break in.263 Max Roeder 06/14/2017 01:57PM 
Last Post by Wagon Master
OT GM to only build 4cyl engines296 BobV66Vair 06/14/2017 12:51PM 
Last Post by glivorsi
Want to buy - 66 - Aztec Bronze522 14 bbakerga 06/14/2017 12:44PM 
Last Post by bbakerga
Speakers for 1960 corvair 70090 18aolds 06/14/2017 11:24AM 
Last Post by MattNall
Looks to be a very nice 66 4 door on the west coast371 detroitdude 06/14/2017 09:24AM 
Last Post by 66vairman
Re: autobahn parts in Calif398 13 steve c goodman 06/14/2017 08:37AM 
Last Post by ROD
New Floor Panels Hints Wanted248 jimrob 06/14/2017 08:31AM 
Last Post by ROD
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