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Gas tank and brakes414 14 BrianTom 10/18/2018 07:28PM 
Last Post by JohnVan
Seeking door interior advice    Pages: 1 2457 21 dhomuth 10/18/2018 05:04PM 
Last Post by Lane66m
O/T-LT5 Rocking a '73 Chevelle thumbs up214 Phil Dally 10/18/2018 04:57PM 
Last Post by Paulsgt
WTB: Top Cover with New Bearing/Idler Pulley273 10 igottajob2 10/18/2018 04:09PM 
Last Post by texas yenko dude
smiling bouncing smiley Parts For Sale smiling bouncing smiley1,229 19 playerpage 10/18/2018 03:38PM 
Last Post by playerpage
Turbonique smiling bouncing smiley521 13 Allan Lacki 10/18/2018 02:06PM 
Last Post by UGLYTRUK
Looks like we are finally starting "Drop Top Weather" here in New Orleans!95 rnch 10/18/2018 12:41PM 
Last Post by rnch
F/S : Reverse Rotation Distributor Free Shipping131 markaksamit 10/18/2018 12:22PM 
Last Post by jbyenko77
Torque converter leak164 thumper477 10/18/2018 10:42AM 
Last Post by thumper477
stainless steel 140 HP exhaust tubes358 kenvair 10/18/2018 10:34AM 
Last Post by American Mel
quick question on copper head gaskets285 hjackson3149 10/18/2018 10:31AM 
Last Post by American Mel
WTB: LM luggage and engine compartment lid220 13 dhomuth 10/18/2018 09:39AM 
Last Post by vairjunkie
Can't leave well enough alone. Here comes the $$$ I didnt want/intend to spend.509 11 UnauthorizedServiceTech 10/18/2018 09:38AM 
Last Post by Wagon Master
SOLD!!: 67 Vair Rocking the 70's    Pages: 1 2 34,424 42 SoloCP 10/18/2018 08:27AM 
Last Post by Paulsgt
GWFBT Banquet ticket SOLD!139 65180 10/18/2018 07:53AM 
Last Post by 65180
Installing Rear lower strut rods after engine is in place?873 14 Steven Barker 10/18/2018 06:16AM 
Last Post by JimBrandberg
I saw this on my Hagerty Insurance feed today400 jcorvair 10/18/2018 05:49AM 
Last Post by Kyle_in_Mich
FS: 110 heads machined for High CR and modified Chambers765 15 Lane66m 10/17/2018 07:08PM 
Last Post by Lane66m
Bottom inside of doors263 10 dhomuth 10/17/2018 05:26PM 
Last Post by jjohnsonjo
This is a interesting article about the "Otto Kross" Corvair powered racer.338 davemotohead 10/17/2018 02:36PM 
Last Post by GWLee
A whole lot of money for an almost Spyder635 18 Freeman 10/17/2018 01:59PM 
Last Post by Frank DuVal
moody smileyBattery Drain342 14 pmacdonaldks 10/17/2018 12:24PM 
Last Post by playerpage
Factory shoulder belts in a 66. Anyone know the details or have pics?913 14 gnvair 10/17/2018 12:08PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Cylinder head question.215 UnauthorizedServiceTech 10/17/2018 06:53AM 
Last Post by UnauthorizedServiceTech
Dune buggy in Houston340 billh1963 10/17/2018 06:37AM 
Last Post by UnauthorizedServiceTech
Man in the High Castle - Corvair G VAN309 UnauthorizedServiceTech 10/17/2018 06:36AM 
Last Post by UnauthorizedServiceTech
Need picture of Kelsey Hayes spare mounted in trunk364 ral1963 10/16/2018 09:43PM 
Last Post by caroseiii
brake lines - flares and materials228 jmaechtlen 10/16/2018 08:21PM 
Last Post by JamesD
Differential question386 12 lowandslow 10/16/2018 07:56PM 
Last Post by Nickshu
Which one is "HIGH"?445 American Mel 10/16/2018 07:44PM 
Last Post by Frank DuVal
WAY OT. hot smiley NOT for the weak. Do not view before, during, or right after eating! eye popping smiley401 American Mel 10/16/2018 07:04PM 
Last Post by The Stig
Three point retractable belts now available from Morris Classic451 David Malcolm 10/16/2018 06:04PM 
Last Post by Willt65
Clutch chatter...172 Grandpacorvair 10/16/2018 04:54PM 
Last Post by vairmech
Throw out bearing...158 Grandpacorvair 10/16/2018 04:38PM 
Last Post by vairmech
65-69 Oil Filter Adapter Free Shipping F/S140 markaxamit 10/16/2018 04:03PM 
Last Post by markaxamit
OT- Hitch Receiver Pocket Rust285 15 glivorsi 10/16/2018 03:08PM 
Last Post by Lane66m
LM floor pan differences292 dhomuth 10/16/2018 01:52PM 
Last Post by glivorsi
ALL SOLD!! : Sets of 12 NOS GM Rocker Arm Assemblies 3342 jasvair 10/16/2018 01:27PM 
Last Post by jasvair
Has this commercial been posted before?423 17 davemotohead 10/16/2018 12:46PM 
Last Post by azdave
Center cup o-ring...284 Anton 10/16/2018 11:56AM 
Last Post by joelsplace
3speed 4 speed transmissions for sale400 SLlNKY 10/16/2018 11:52AM 
Last Post by SLlNKY
Form-a-gasket on cylinder head gaskets?379 17 mattlockwood 10/16/2018 10:34AM 
Last Post by Frank DuVal
thumbs up Corvair Commercials! Anyone have any of the 16mm films produced by GM? thumbs up193 1966-Corsa-GT-180 10/16/2018 12:27AM 
Last Post by Seth Emerson
Might be something you PDX guys should look into.422 American Mel 10/15/2018 08:19PM 
Last Post by American Mel
New member intro440 15 boekeloo 10/15/2018 07:59PM 
Last Post by American Mel
Upholstery adventure begins279 nscrdv 10/15/2018 03:03PM 
Last Post by junkman
STINGERACING '78306 JerryM 10/15/2018 02:51PM 
Last Post by kenvair
Really Strange524 1964green 10/15/2018 02:08PM 
Last Post by 1964green
compression seems high, need I be concerned417 10 ranger372 10/15/2018 02:08PM 
Last Post by ranger372
4.3 in a LM question231 boudin 10/15/2018 12:41PM 
Last Post by azdave
How to Upgrade an LM Instrument Cluster! grinning smiley    Pages: 1 2869 22 oldqmguy 10/15/2018 12:40PM 
Last Post by oldqmguy
New carpet -- best way to cut for gas pedal??484 18 BigGeorgesVair 10/15/2018 12:03PM 
Last Post by corvairtherapy
'65 Corsa Turbo FS368 gnrand 10/15/2018 12:00PM 
Last Post by flat_six
OT 482" ..409 hits the road smiling smiley292 Mel 10/15/2018 11:24AM 
Last Post by rowin4
SOLD!! : 13 inch 3 Bar Wire Wheel Covers 4 each219 Lane66m 10/15/2018 08:17AM 
Last Post by Lane66m
SOLD!! : 66 - 69 Front Grille Bar (blue)292 Lane66m 10/15/2018 08:16AM 
Last Post by Lane66m
SOLD!! : Vacuum Advance Unit #248 Fits 140 Distributor232 Lane66m 10/15/2018 08:15AM 
Last Post by Lane66m
90 degree oil filter adaptor oil change hints?    Pages: 1 21,660 37 isucorvair 10/15/2018 07:03AM 
Last Post by John Luscinski
Fan Belt Toss-Share A Room? If You Have An Extra Bed331 11 UGLYTRUK 10/15/2018 05:36AM 
Last Post by UGLYTRUK
OT - Plumbing for this year is all done.. GRIN189 OttawaCorvairGuy 10/14/2018 07:57PM 
Last Post by OttawaCorvairGuy
So...Was this car built on a Friday afternoon?550 11 65Ragtop 10/14/2018 07:45PM 
Last Post by 7004doorL
Mag fan on a 63348 14 Nelson 10/14/2018 04:59PM 
Last Post by Lane66m
Telescopic column with sim wood wheel313 Westds 10/14/2018 04:35PM 
Last Post by vairjunkie
In need of a Corsa Tach part325 70's kid 10/14/2018 10:52AM 
Last Post by vairmech
OT - Diagnostics Report for 2018 Chevrolet Volt as of 10/11/2018342 12 john.jackson 10/14/2018 07:38AM 
Last Post by john.jackson
AMT Corvair model on sale232 irfgt 10/14/2018 07:21AM 
Last Post by irfgt
FC Door Vent Shades Wanted156 grubin 10/14/2018 04:49AM 
Last Post by SteveInMarietta
FF (For Free) - Dormobile seat parts - not mine172 SteveInMarietta 10/14/2018 02:41AM 
Last Post by SteveInMarietta
Late Model AC Blower Motor402 20 charlesc 10/13/2018 08:34PM 
Last Post by 66vairman
Corvair Rocker Arm Question257 jimc 10/13/2018 07:39PM 
Last Post by dryenko
carbs    Pages: 1 2635 22 corvairbob 10/13/2018 03:48PM 
Last Post by Seth Emerson
F/S Chevrolet New Car Warranty Envelope584 10 junkman 10/13/2018 02:21PM 
Last Post by MonzaJPD61
Finally! Some "Drop Top" weather in New Orleans!211 rnch 10/13/2018 01:15PM 
Last Post by rnch
OT - I bought one of these DIY vinyl (and other material cutter) and made a corvair related decal.301 UnauthorizedServiceTech 10/13/2018 12:13PM 
Last Post by UnauthorizedServiceTech
Valkyrie Kit car FS in Phoenix469 azdave 10/13/2018 11:49AM 
Last Post by Seth Emerson
62 Rear V-8 in MN Garage    Pages: 1 2 32,050 47 JimBrandberg 10/13/2018 11:28AM 
Last Post by jmaechtlen
OT-Limousine Crash Scoharie NY540 17 UGLYTRUK 10/13/2018 11:24AM 
Last Post by UGLYTRUK
F/S FC NOS left front door680 junkman 10/13/2018 11:21AM 
Last Post by junkman
Cheap engine overhaul    Pages: 1 21,161 25 squirrel 10/13/2018 11:18AM 
Last Post by jmaechtlen
Insurance Topic Transferred from another thread.    Pages: 1 2378 24 Caraholic4life 10/13/2018 11:12AM 
Last Post by jmaechtlen
F/S NOS FC Door Weatherstrip108 junkman 10/13/2018 10:59AM 
Last Post by junkman
Ah more rain on the weekend on the East Coast111 blue hen 10/13/2018 07:15AM 
Last Post by UnauthorizedServiceTech
Last call for 140 heads, SOLD!!! smileys with beer400 Mel 10/13/2018 05:46AM 
Last Post by Mel
Nice pair of #570 thumbs up 140HP heads SOLD CHEAPeye popping smiley1,922 18 Mel 10/13/2018 05:45AM 
Last Post by Mel
65 Monza Head removal298 17 Tony Trans Am 10/12/2018 10:07PM 
Last Post by joelsplace
Possible to further decode this body tag?244 10 crtully 10/12/2018 07:08PM 
Last Post by Mike Stillwell
WTB Steering Coupler for Telescoping sterring colum210 Westds 10/12/2018 07:03PM 
Last Post by Seth Emerson
Need help with FC wing windows292 10 persh 10/12/2018 05:18PM 
Last Post by persh
OT-TPMS or Tire Pressure monitoring system    Pages: 1 2478 33 Murphy 10/12/2018 04:44PM 
Last Post by joelsplace
F.C. Boomerang related topic300 12 Caraholic4life 10/12/2018 04:44PM 
Last Post by Caraholic4life
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