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O/T( ? ) My 12 volt battery252 10 curt 06/27/2017 07:22AM 
Last Post by rowin4
63 Sedan back from Upholstery401 17 SoloCP 06/27/2017 06:01AM 
Last Post by cnicol
WTB Shallow Offy oil pan216 bought1 06/27/2017 04:30AM 
Last Post by v8vair
Wiper arm loose112 4wd430 06/27/2017 12:00AM 
Last Post by RobertC
Attaching Plastigage to Bearing Cap297 15 Frog 06/26/2017 08:11PM 
Last Post by davemotohead
WARNING: PAYPAL SCAM EMAIL! angry smiley458 12 davemotohead 06/26/2017 08:08PM 
Last Post by coleslaw31
OT, Saw Brakes being killed, Crime?225 moomba32 06/26/2017 06:55PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Removing Connecting Rod Bolts    Pages: 1 2536 24 Frog 06/26/2017 05:02PM 
Last Post by Frog
FC Negative cable mounts174 Ozzies 63 06/26/2017 03:59PM 
Last Post by corventure Dave
Top Boot Retainer546 20 hydroman 06/26/2017 11:55AM 
Last Post by glivorsi
Fitch 65 Vert in L.A. CA for sale409 10 66vairman 06/26/2017 11:15AM 
Last Post by azdave
Set of NOS 13" CORVAIR/BOWTIE trim rings for sale #988165845 Mel 06/26/2017 11:01AM 
Last Post by Tome
Steering Wheel 90* off329 1965Monza 06/26/2017 09:28AM 
Last Post by BobV66Vair
1962 Monza 900 Coupe Trim Tag Question143 Chi2 06/26/2017 08:21AM 
Last Post by Chi2
I'm curious about wiring diagrams370 14 Bob Helt 06/26/2017 08:09AM 
Last Post by Bob Helt
Torquing Cylinder Head Stud175 Frog 06/26/2017 06:55AM 
Last Post by Nickshu
Recommended gearbox oil288 Dazanz 06/26/2017 06:55AM 
Last Post by richard1
OT - Unemployment    Pages: 1 21,014 30 MoxyRamone 06/26/2017 06:34AM 
Last Post by MoxyRamone
SOLD!! "PICKUPS n' PANELS" issues584 Mel 06/25/2017 11:25PM 
Last Post by Smooth1SITF
66-69 Monza rear grill pics needed    Pages: 1 21,852 26 sweet66monza 06/25/2017 09:38PM 
Last Post by 140Vair
Correct Tire size. For FC181 grubin 06/25/2017 07:50PM 
Last Post by gmgmtl
Bill Thomas Corvair393 v8vair 06/25/2017 05:24PM 
Last Post by 1966-Corsa-GT-180
Very BAD day!    Pages: 1 22,119 31 tgwyth 06/25/2017 05:21PM 
Last Post by 67 airvair
SOLD!! UltraVan #481 in Chiefland, FL Price lowered!! $2,000!!1,634 owen 06/25/2017 05:20PM 
Last Post by owen
SOLD!! 1968 UltraVan #412 in Birmingham, AL646 owen 06/25/2017 05:19PM 
Last Post by owen
1968 UltraVan #380 for sale in Fowlerville MI517 owen 06/25/2017 05:18PM 
Last Post by owen
63 Sedan not running correctly126 SoloCP 06/25/2017 05:05PM 
Last Post by curt
48 Years ago...725 Timothy Shortle 06/25/2017 04:48PM 
Last Post by Early Guy
Choo Choo Classic Schedule and registration?161 ac1948 06/25/2017 03:35PM 
Last Post by ac1948
Guess what I'm doing to my Corvair today?284 cnicol 06/25/2017 03:26PM 
Last Post by MrLakewood
Convention Road Trip and some Parts304 REM654DPG 06/25/2017 02:47PM 
Last Post by gnvair
Slot in tinware?165 FlatsixGB 06/25/2017 02:03PM 
Last Post by FlatsixGB
Testing for Image to Signature86 Frog 06/25/2017 01:07PM 
Last Post by MattNall
WTB: Taller '63 FC 95 rear spring ?175 justnuts58 06/25/2017 12:44PM 
Last Post by vairmech
OT; diesel DEF systems    Pages: 1 2526 24 jjohnsonjo 06/25/2017 11:30AM 
Last Post by 1965Monza
67-69 parking lights on with headlights?224 12 Ed Dowds 06/25/2017 10:00AM 
Last Post by flamingchariots
65 Monza added to my family today.    Pages: 1 2398 21 MrLakewood 06/25/2017 09:59AM 
Last Post by MrLakewood
WTB: good 64 trunk lid. Could pick up at convention107 Mark M 06/25/2017 07:24AM 
Last Post by Mark M
LM vert top replacement156 toytron 06/25/2017 05:58AM 
Last Post by Roelof
Parts at convention swap meet453 texas yenko dude 06/24/2017 08:13PM 
Last Post by isucorvair
Roomie?256 67 airvair 06/24/2017 06:52PM 
Last Post by 63RedBrier
Corvair Club Newsletter266 10 ranger372 06/24/2017 06:48PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Ping when secondary carbs open    Pages: 1 2689 32 Roelof 06/24/2017 04:32PM 
Last Post by MattNall
GB: Clicking/Sparking noise after driving around block136 PineTone 06/24/2017 01:49PM 
Last Post by PineTone
Here's proof the SmartPhone has made some people ignorant375 MattNall 06/24/2017 01:01PM 
Last Post by ROD
You might make sure you have a room at convention257 3prongspin 06/24/2017 12:18PM 
Last Post by 3prongspin
Brake lining150 curt 06/24/2017 11:25AM 
Last Post by MattNall
EM folding rear seat weight194 joelsplace 06/24/2017 09:28AM 
Last Post by 63turbo
Bagged 66 500 Project    Pages: 1 2816 37 66AirVair 06/24/2017 07:45AM 
Last Post by 66AirVair
WTB LM 140 Heater hose block off plates224 BobV66Vair 06/23/2017 10:55PM 
Last Post by BobV66Vair
smiling smiley I hope my Corvair friends have a good convention!135 oldqmguy 06/23/2017 10:00PM 
Last Post by gmgmtl
Been a while. OT Corvair music169 upnorth1 06/23/2017 09:40PM 
Last Post by MattNall
FS: Used EM front Windshield with trim. $160153 cwhunt 06/23/2017 06:17PM 
Last Post by cwhunt
Want to Buy: 65 Corvair Ft Antenna115 krfjkm 06/23/2017 05:06PM 
Last Post by vairjunkie
EM coupe rear radio speaker picture142 mark60609 06/23/2017 04:07PM 
Last Post by 63turbo
64 tail/backup lenses question193 mark60609 06/23/2017 04:05PM 
Last Post by mark60609
Ebay Parts    Pages: 1 2956 32 livingthepast 06/23/2017 01:58PM 
Last Post by livingthepast
On the hunt for Fitch Sprint emblems220 Sir Thomas 06/23/2017 12:40PM 
Last Post by Sir Thomas
Cave car on BaT287 cfmann 06/23/2017 12:26PM 
Last Post by MrLakewood
WTB--'60 or wagon135 eddieb 06/23/2017 12:19PM 
Last Post by Timothy Shortle
WTB: individual air cleaner bases (4 total)158 Chi2 06/23/2017 09:58AM 
Last Post by Chi2
Do I need a welder?413 17 mistertudball 06/23/2017 09:12AM 
Last Post by 66vairman
1964 turbo carburetor needed179 thumper477 06/23/2017 08:20AM 
Last Post by bbakerga
OT - Want advice on new vehicle purchase.    Pages: 1 2 3841 44 OttawaCorvairGuy 06/23/2017 07:54AM 
Last Post by Paulsgt
Parts Trade229 corvairsince70 06/23/2017 07:16AM 
Last Post by corvairsince70
fiber glass rocker panels280 Charles W. Moss 06/23/2017 06:25AM 
Last Post by Charles W. Moss
Extra Room at Host Hotel- Convention268 TexasAg77 06/23/2017 05:11AM 
Last Post by ral1963
Main Bearing Clearances301 Frog 06/23/2017 04:56AM 
Last Post by JimBrandberg
Parts Avail. at Convention218 monza67 06/22/2017 09:21PM 
Last Post by BobV66Vair
tire for sale418 11 corvairjer 06/22/2017 06:53PM 
Last Post by kenzen
20.00 dollar parts car / No longer    Pages: 1 21,074 33 slydog 06/22/2017 06:09PM 
Last Post by moomba32
64 4-speed photo?294 11 dhomuth 06/22/2017 02:24PM 
Last Post by Lane66m
'62 Generator converted to Externally regulated Alternator wiring Diagram?    Pages: 1 2565 34 brocklanders 06/22/2017 01:17PM 
Last Post by Gregory_Miller
Trial Assembly of Case    Pages: 1 2873 27 Frog 06/22/2017 01:13PM 
Last Post by cnicol
For sale small new parts.352 hard2find2700 06/22/2017 12:43PM 
Last Post by cnicol
WTB LM 140 top right shroud107 BobV66Vair 06/22/2017 12:19PM 
Last Post by BobV66Vair
FS: More Miscellaneous FC & EM Parts275 Lane66m 06/22/2017 11:53AM 
Last Post by Lane66m
Early suspension Springs151 Corsa Kid 06/22/2017 05:29AM 
Last Post by MrLakewood
Voltage Regulator Ground Mishap169 kenzen 06/21/2017 07:27PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Parts cleaner solution, which ones best?    Pages: 1 2847 27 vacorvairlover 06/21/2017 07:24PM 
Last Post by kenzen
FS: Michelin 205/75R-14 White Wall165 bobvair 06/21/2017 05:58PM 
Last Post by bobvair
LM temp light flashing287 10 section89 06/21/2017 03:34PM 
Last Post by corventure Dave
Seeking Transaxle / Transmission Advice300 WhenIm64 06/21/2017 11:07AM 
Last Post by Darrin
LM RH frnt pk lgt ....for salesmileys with beer361 13 Mel 06/21/2017 10:25AM 
Last Post by MattNall
64 corvair95 rampside v-8430 12 Retired49 06/21/2017 05:56AM 
Last Post by Retired49
FC Front Spring Kits For Sale201 vairmech 06/21/2017 04:16AM 
Last Post by Darrin
New Springs293 kaminski45 06/20/2017 07:59PM 
Last Post by Gwrodzhi
What is the higest engine OIL temperature you recorded?562 20 curt 06/20/2017 07:56PM 
Last Post by TIBCO
Do all Corsas have heavy duty suspension?    Pages: 1 21,134 39 red64vair 06/20/2017 06:42PM 
Last Post by gnvair
Powerglide chirping and missing gears    Pages: 1 21,474 30 DrEvil 06/20/2017 06:40PM 
Last Post by MattNall
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