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Sticky: What did you do to your Corvair today?    Pages: 1 ... 120 121 12289,275 2,423 Joe West 08/01/2015 01:54PM 
Last Post by Fast Eddie
Sticky: Drive with NECC at New Jersey Motorsports Park! August 10, 2015. Time trials. Taste of Track.smiling bouncing smiley73 Allan Lacki 08/01/2015 01:39PM 
Last Post by Allan Lacki
Sticky: REPORTS!! Corvair Olympics in Indy thumbs up    Pages: 1 2 3890 52 VairKing 08/01/2015 01:35PM 
Last Post by Allan Lacki
Sticky: thumbs up Daily Pics of Your Corvair Being Used thumbs up    Pages: 1 ... 9 10 1119,349 203 gmorphan 07/26/2015 08:15PM 
Last Post by Mountainman
Sticky: ALL CORVAIR JOYRIDE 2 - SATURDAY, AUG 8, 2015355 61valdez 07/25/2015 09:43PM 
Last Post by jmaechtlen
Sticky: Marshalltown, Iowa Time Trials Info & Registration Form! Sept 5&6384 tkalp 07/17/2015 06:05PM 
Last Post by tkalp
Sticky: Click here for Rules , Events, FAQ's, For Sale / Wanted /FREE / Listings!37,118 MattNall 06/10/2013 06:24PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Car only runs on START position?47 Savage223 08/01/2015 05:05PM 
Last Post by Huntsville
Rocker Arm Clatter    Pages: 1 2 31,389 53 1STLM 08/01/2015 04:56PM 
Last Post by jcorvair
140 HP Engine for Aircraft use69 08/01/2015 04:27PM 
Last Post by 1966-Corsa-GT-180
Source for rubber plugs for rear pans under rear seat?16 Vincep 08/01/2015 04:09PM 
Last Post by jjohnsonjo
Brake Question30 Geckolyn 08/01/2015 03:52PM 
Last Post by Geckolyn
Is there any way to clean up seatbelts or should I buy new ones?112 13 Vincep 08/01/2015 03:52PM 
Last Post by Vincep
part wanted62 2ragtops 08/01/2015 03:46PM 
Last Post by gnvair
buggs?29 bubba 08/01/2015 03:34PM 
Last Post by bubba
OT: If you can't afford one... make one!!218 MattNall 08/01/2015 03:17PM 
Last Post by solo2r
Here we go again85 2ragtops 08/01/2015 03:02PM 
Last Post by Scott V
The great Corvair Word Association Thread ...... 3 words and follow the story !spinning smiley sticking its tongue out    Pages: 1 2 3 4916 80 ROD 08/01/2015 02:55PM 
Last Post by jmaechtlen
New Intro From Australia.    Pages: 1 2512 32 punkin 08/01/2015 01:56PM 
Last Post by punkin
OT: New toy ordered    Pages: 1 2917 30 Spectre 08/01/2015 11:14AM 
Last Post by Spectre
Rampside for sale in Japan80 rhysaccess 08/01/2015 11:01AM 
Last Post by MattNall
Rochester Carb Float Level1,561 17 KiwiJames 08/01/2015 10:56AM 
Last Post by gerg
Corvanatics Newsletter thumbs up145 Phil Dally 08/01/2015 10:38AM 
Last Post by wingnutandme
Am fm radio    Pages: 1 2339 24 Templar8 08/01/2015 09:57AM 
Last Post by Vincep
Rear weels loose up and down233 10 Templar8 08/01/2015 09:52AM 
Last Post by Templar8
WTB/WTT - Looking for an NOS Speaker for the Rampside188 14 Marco_a_p 08/01/2015 09:30AM 
Last Post by Marco_a_p
WTB 3speed synchronizer clutch assembly113 Mel 08/01/2015 09:10AM 
Last Post by Mel
How to make Stock HV carbs work better than fuel injection!!295 davemotohead 08/01/2015 09:10AM 
Last Post by DAVECS1
OT- for bearing Gurus185 13 richard1 08/01/2015 08:40AM 
Last Post by richard1
Wanted-LM rear heater air vent sm piece in tunnel41 carolinefx 08/01/2015 08:39AM 
Last Post by davemotohead
is there a cheaper alternative to seam sealer?151 Vincep 08/01/2015 08:34AM 
Last Post by Vincep
Lazy Tachometer    Pages: 1 2256 25 dedwinson 08/01/2015 08:11AM 
Last Post by 66vairman
Rusty Venture -- MoxyRamone's 1964 Monza Convertible Project404 20 MoxyRamone 08/01/2015 06:28AM 
Last Post by MoxyRamone
Found some bad spots on floor pans. Need advice.    Pages: 1 2 3 4943 71 Vincep 08/01/2015 06:06AM 
Last Post by Vincep
What's your non Corvair favorite not so cool car?    Pages: 1 2 3 4972 61 Chilly Willy 08/01/2015 04:59AM 
Last Post by EM-racer
High pitch sound - possible causes?    Pages: 1 2416 21 Sir Thomas 08/01/2015 04:41AM 
Last Post by EM-racer
What are these Carbs off of?535 20 wvmonza 08/01/2015 03:25AM 
Last Post by v8vair
New lifter - but one still makes a noise...156 rhysaccess 08/01/2015 01:33AM 
Last Post by rhysaccess
Sacramento classic car swap meet 8/1/1543 Chilly Willy 07/31/2015 11:05PM 
Last Post by Tylerv
Interesting Vair for sale In TJ .... Mexico that is152 ROD 07/31/2015 10:51PM 
Last Post by ROD
What is so special about Flex Plate to crank bolts?    Pages: 1 21,026 23 tboltkc 07/31/2015 08:55PM 
Last Post by bubba
Engine jack recommendation    Pages: 1 2665 22 737ETOPS 07/31/2015 08:48PM 
Last Post by davemotohead
62 corvair hood97 11 62corvairguy 07/31/2015 08:02PM 
Last Post by Frank DuVal
Removing windshield wiper arm without special tool?    Pages: 1 2297 22 Vincep 07/31/2015 07:38PM 
Last Post by Vincep
Minions Lakewood395 corsa1948 07/31/2015 05:58PM 
Last Post by Lane66m
The best and most informative Davemotohead Video ever.thumbs up287 Vincep 07/31/2015 04:56PM 
Last Post by ROD
62-64 top boot, carpet wanted -posting for a friend43 upnorth1 07/31/2015 03:43PM 
Last Post by upnorth1
1966 Telescopic161 ccpinc 07/31/2015 03:22PM 
Last Post by ccpinc
FREE - Early engines + misc. parts Placerville, Ca.89 JerryM 07/31/2015 03:09PM 
Last Post by Demon-Xanth
FOUND!! 140 Exhaust Logs231 The Stig 07/31/2015 03:04PM 
Last Post by The Stig
Minions ride to Villain-Con in Orlando - a Lakewood?!?71 1966-Corsa-GT-180 07/31/2015 02:57PM 
Last Post by davemotohead
FREE - 2 LM Coupe bodies Placerville, Ca.127 JerryM 07/31/2015 02:56PM 
Last Post by JerryM
Huge Canadian classic car collection off to China!403 12 flamingchariots 07/31/2015 02:39PM 
Last Post by MattNall
F/S '66 140 4dr. Sacramento Ca    Pages: 1 2 31,103 49 JerryM 07/31/2015 02:35PM 
Last Post by JerryM
66 Monza 140 4-dr with 2 carbs only?232 11 ml0627 07/31/2015 01:33PM 
Last Post by zarfnober
Kingsport TN show100 corvairdan 07/31/2015 01:24PM 
Last Post by TexasAg77
1966 Monza 140 for sale in NY (not mine)353 jimmyo 07/31/2015 12:25PM 
Last Post by bought1
GLOWING IDIOT LIGHT AT IDLE SPEED...???263 13 alexbert 07/31/2015 11:47AM 
Last Post by MattNall
Electronic Voltage Regulators vs. Electro Mechanical Regulators117 jimc 07/31/2015 11:42AM 
Last Post by MattNall
Why is the inner speedo cable too long?97 RAV_AIR 07/31/2015 10:55AM 
Last Post by RAV_AIR
SUPERMAN VIEW from a Crown V8 at Putnam Park Corvair Olympics165 snapon13 07/31/2015 10:12AM 
Last Post by davemotohead
Modern Rear seat for EM Coupe?168 pjofcgbc 07/31/2015 08:46AM 
Last Post by DreamRyder1963
FREE 140 HP heads eye popping smileyeye popping smileyeye popping smileyeye popping smileyeye popping smileyeye popping smileyeye popping smileyeye popping smileyeye popping smiley310 Mel 07/31/2015 07:34AM 
Last Post by Mel
heater hose substitute???392 18 upnorth1 07/31/2015 07:32AM 
Last Post by Vincep
NECC Indy Olympics Photos - And register for NJMP!smiling bouncing smiley39 Allan Lacki 07/31/2015 07:07AM 
Last Post by Allan Lacki
Hot Coil, too Hot to Handle. How Hot is Too hot?278 12 keitho64 07/30/2015 10:46PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Looking For NOS Guide 66 Taillight and BackUp Lenses with Narrow Trim81 RThompson 07/30/2015 08:00PM 
Last Post by RThompson
Buick special wagon hatch glass in a Lakewood?289 RthrDent 07/30/2015 07:37PM 
Last Post by steve c goodman
Flicka's New Adventure !!90 SoloCP 07/30/2015 07:25PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Parting out 65 four door223 11 dodgeboy69 07/30/2015 07:22PM 
Last Post by dodgeboy69
My 62 Coupe is SOLD!!    Pages: 1 21,249 28 medurham 07/30/2015 06:38PM 
Last Post by Templar8
Is Ray Hatchell still in business249 2ragtops 07/30/2015 06:15PM 
Last Post by BobWitt
Ebay dirty 64 shop manual, $60+ $17 shipping139 Gregs210 07/30/2015 05:40PM 
Last Post by Gregs210
Basic Ignition Reference info.243 Seth Emerson 07/30/2015 05:16PM 
Last Post by JamesD
Black Hawk still around?471 keoneeli 07/30/2015 02:06PM 
Last Post by steve c goodman
VSCCA Mt Equinox hillclimb, advise on cooling    Pages: 1 2 3648 58 1963turbo 07/30/2015 02:00PM 
Last Post by 1963turbo
1960 for sale in Michigan...not mine241 Aaron65 07/30/2015 01:24PM 
Last Post by Mel
Fitch Phoenix Featured on Chasing Classic Cars248 Dan 07/30/2015 12:46PM 
Last Post by Goop Of Oil
Wheel Modification / Boring center hole188 ROD 07/30/2015 12:46PM 
Last Post by Pacerace
NEED Clark's / Otto Push rod length tool instructions99 MT9876 07/30/2015 12:03PM 
Last Post by Grandpacorvair
Aztec GT LA CL...Worth it Just for the Liscense Plate!!343 13 Phil Dally 07/30/2015 10:57AM 
Last Post by Scott V
C/L ad, OK, Wtd: Hasty Bake Corvair 95341 Gregs210 07/30/2015 10:20AM 
Last Post by jbarbt75
F/S Rust/pit free exhaust logs with new hardware.540 davemotohead 07/30/2015 09:43AM 
Last Post by quorvair
Attachments181 67 airvair 07/30/2015 08:32AM 
Last Post by 1966-Corsa-GT-180
Need a tow hitch for a 63 Greenbrier97 VIXVAIRS 07/30/2015 08:25AM 
Last Post by VIXVAIRS
OT: Tucker #1052205 Nickshu 07/30/2015 08:12AM 
Last Post by wvmonza
110 Engine parts for sale337 Caveman_1960 07/30/2015 08:00AM 
Last Post by Timothy Shortle
Wanted One REAR Cocktail Shaker!207 matchlessmo 07/30/2015 07:36AM 
Last Post by Lane66m
broken ring236 10 180sret 07/30/2015 07:06AM 
Last Post by 180sret
Last Post by "UNSAFE"
WTB - 418 Quick Arm136 JerryM 07/30/2015 05:17AM 
Last Post by JerryM
Corvair Project From Norway    Pages: 1 ... 13 14 1514,820 298 NorwayCorvair 07/30/2015 02:02AM 
Last Post by NorwayCorvair
Dear Corvair Venturi CLuster experts.......294 110PG 07/29/2015 09:38PM 
Last Post by Bob Helt
Chopped Pink Wagon567 17 Mountainman 07/29/2015 07:58PM 
Last Post by The Stig
Battery group 53 ANY CONDITION!191 Pokerman 07/29/2015 07:33PM 
Last Post by junkman
Fuse Panel 1964 Corvair101 Bigbobper 07/29/2015 07:21PM 
Last Post by steve c goodman
Construction of NEW Ultimate Garage in Georgia hot smiley    Pages: 1 ... 21 22 2316,961 456 ihscomputers 07/29/2015 06:40PM 
Last Post by ihscomputers
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