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Sticky: What did you WORK ON / your Corvair today?    Pages: 1 ... 190 191 192233,809 3,830 Joe West 06/15/2019 03:57AM 
Last Post by Lane66m
Sticky: Corvairs & PARTS! For Sale Mega-Thread Updated Daily! WITH PICTURES!! eye popping smiley102,991 11 corvairproject 06/14/2019 10:24AM 
Last Post by corvairproject
Sticky: EVENTS! smileys with beer post upcoming CORVAIR events here!22,145 MattNall 06/12/2019 02:44PM 
Last Post by 61valdez
Sticky: thumbs up Daily Pics of Your Corvair Being Used thumbs up    Pages: 1 ... 19 20 2173,320 410 gmorphan 06/12/2019 11:34AM 
Last Post by mikeycee
Sticky: Listing of items still FOR Sale!1,772 MattNall 05/11/2019 12:56PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Sticky: confused smileyRULES and FAQ'S (Frequently Asked Questions) and links to helpful info!    Pages: 1 ... 4 5 695,019 113 RAV_AIR 09/29/2012 05:06PM 
Last Post by VairKing
1965 4-door. What’s it worth?240 13 alphasud 06/15/2019 09:38PM 
Last Post by Timothy Shortle
Thinking about selling my '64 Spyder Coupe    Pages: 1 2 31,399 53 speedingjake 06/15/2019 09:27PM 
Last Post by Timothy Shortle
WTB.... 1966 Black Interior VA.51 Deffsmith 06/15/2019 09:21PM 
Last Post by American Mel
Is Rafee Corvair / still located in Oklahoma?37 MattNall 06/15/2019 08:55PM 
Last Post by MattNall
OT: How car prices have changed!133 10 rnch 06/15/2019 08:25PM 
Last Post by Frank DuVal
Alternator Discussion102 13 OttawaCorvairGuy 06/15/2019 08:03PM 
Last Post by 66vairman
LM Outer Rear Strut Rod Bushings163 Wagon Master 06/15/2019 07:44PM 
Last Post by joelsplace
OT Pictures of my Bug with Subaru engine.51 alphasud 06/15/2019 07:42PM 
Last Post by Phil Dally
IECO C cam for sale100 Chet Jr 06/15/2019 07:31PM 
Last Post by Chet Jr
NOS late front sheet on Minn. Craigslist- not mine45 2manyvairs2fix 06/15/2019 07:23PM 
Last Post by detroitdude
Idler bearing342 14 joelsplace 06/15/2019 07:19PM 
Last Post by joelsplace
LM Fiberglass Doors available134 Chet Jr 06/15/2019 06:55PM 
Last Post by MrNapaCorvair
2019 VairFest Central Coast California June 21-23209 12 Phil Dally 06/15/2019 06:30PM 
Last Post by jetcat
LM GAS TANK INSTALL77 voodoo 06/15/2019 05:38PM 
Last Post by TerribleTed
OT Does anyone need a Carfax report ran for a modern car?162 ral1963 06/15/2019 05:30PM 
Last Post by vairmech
Wanted: Late 4 Spider carrier80 WalterElias 06/15/2019 05:20PM 
Last Post by WalterElias
For Sale 1965 Coupe84 vairmech 06/15/2019 05:15PM 
Last Post by vairmech
63 Stabilizer Bar274 11 JimBrandberg 06/15/2019 04:16PM 
Last Post by EM-racer
Wanted Race Wheels 13" LM Nearby California158 Corvaircorsa@Germany 06/15/2019 04:04PM 
Last Post by vairmech
Hagerty Article - 25 car losing Steam in the Market170 MattNall 06/15/2019 02:47PM 
Last Post by rnch
Who's Going To Mid-Ohio?    Pages: 1 2442 22 Wagon Master 06/15/2019 02:03PM 
Last Post by texas yenko dude
How to Bench test a Fomoco r91ME Blower motor65 MattNall 06/15/2019 01:37PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Factory QS Arms (417 & 418)142 Chet Jr 06/15/2019 01:23PM 
Last Post by davemotohead
Performance cylinder heads    Pages: 1 2 3 4 56,551 82 Dixie3500 06/15/2019 11:42AM 
Last Post by MattNall
Boost in 2nd gear    Pages: 1 2437 25 alan_smithee 06/15/2019 11:23AM 
Last Post by MattNall
SOLD!!: Billet Alternator Fan and pulley set128 63turbo 06/15/2019 10:51AM 
Last Post by 63turbo
Just found this story. Too bad the writer is so misinformed.238 Duane1967 06/15/2019 10:34AM 
Last Post by vairchet
CUSTOM LOW 1960 4 DOOR FOR SALE93 kirkhotpaint4u 06/15/2019 10:30AM 
Last Post by Phil Dally
Saginaw in a 65166 13 alphasud 06/15/2019 09:31AM 
Last Post by alphasud
NOS 60/61 Green Fabric 4 sale39 Chet Jr 06/15/2019 09:28AM 
Last Post by Chet Jr
In Car Video Challenge!!!! from2007!935 15 MattNall 06/15/2019 07:21AM 
Last Post by MattNall
Friday Funny153 stitch 06/15/2019 06:52AM 
Last Post by bought1
Where was this steering gearbox used?    Pages: 1 2 3888 52 Lane66m 06/15/2019 04:02AM 
Last Post by Lane66m
1968 monza/ early engine part out217 12 ian_legg 06/14/2019 10:29PM 
Last Post by American Mel
Differential dipstick boss299 10 joelsplace 06/14/2019 08:11PM 
Last Post by steve c goodman
Heater hose clamps -WTB198 JerryM 06/14/2019 06:32PM 
Last Post by FLSteve
Invader - Corvair powered craigslist find797 17 billh1963 06/14/2019 03:11PM 
Last Post by ROD
F/S 60 FRONT PANEL $23563 110PG 06/14/2019 02:18PM 
Last Post by 110PG
F/S NOS EM REAR BODY PANEL $49076 110PG 06/14/2019 02:13PM 
Last Post by 110PG
F/S NOS RH FENDER EM $47567 110PG 06/14/2019 02:03PM 
Last Post by 110PG
GREAT WESTERN FAN BELT TOSS 2019223 solava 06/14/2019 02:00PM 
Last Post by jcorvair
Shipping An Engine To Canada126 JimBrandberg 06/14/2019 01:59PM 
Last Post by jcorvair
Ralphie is at it again304 2ragtops 06/14/2019 11:51AM 
Last Post by ken
WTB Manifolds192 jesseg 06/14/2019 11:28AM 
Last Post by yenkomark
f/s LM 66 Convertible Soft Ray tinted glass 5pcs $425278 110PG 06/14/2019 10:29AM 
Last Post by 110PG
Who was looking for an adapter SBC to Vair? SOLD!!266 14 MattNall 06/14/2019 07:35AM 
Last Post by MattNall
insurance choices210 upnorth1 06/14/2019 06:45AM 
Last Post by rnch
NECC’s Autobahn Track Event61 Allan Lacki 06/14/2019 06:22AM 
Last Post by Allan Lacki
Rochester Carb Books / Carter YH books- in stock128 Seth Emerson 06/14/2019 12:26AM 
Last Post by Seth Emerson
Engine bay pressure tests on an early    Pages: 1 2 3841 43 63turbo 06/13/2019 09:04PM 
Last Post by 63turbo
A Few A/C Questions321 15 Freeman 06/13/2019 08:36PM 
Last Post by Freeman
Exhaust stud oil leak ??    Pages: 1 2 3620 42 Ron62 06/13/2019 08:30PM 
Last Post by Frank DuVal
NOS Parts Sold!!380 jasvair 06/13/2019 05:53PM 
Last Post by jasvair
LM Saginaw 4 Speed Transaxle For Sale327 rock1965 06/13/2019 05:47PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Turbo Carb Gaskets124 bmarsh52 06/13/2019 05:43PM 
Last Post by jjohnsonjo
Possibility of splitting some vending space at Nationals84 ral1963 06/13/2019 04:31PM 
Last Post by ral1963
Casting marks173 JerryM 06/13/2019 04:21PM 
Last Post by Ed Dowds
Eccentric Bolt for LM Rear Strut269 13 Lane66m 06/13/2019 02:43PM 
Last Post by kenvair
GL4 Gear Lube    Pages: 1 2 31,233 44 corvairsince70 06/13/2019 01:55PM 
Last Post by Willt65
FS 1964 rear self adjusters135 Gwrodzhi 06/13/2019 12:24PM 
Last Post by Gwrodzhi
OT: My mangled knees demanded this of me.477 17 rnch 06/13/2019 12:17PM 
Last Post by jjohnsonjo
1968 UltraVan #375 for sale in Scottsdale136 owen 06/13/2019 12:17PM 
Last Post by azdave
New Member!! Need a ride before I buy! Santa Cruz, Ca. area.291 Santa cruz 06/13/2019 08:12AM 
Last Post by Santa cruz
OT - It was the last bolt...175 OttawaCorvairGuy 06/13/2019 07:38AM 
Last Post by joelsplace
Tele column turn signal problems - need switch?111 sura 06/13/2019 06:42AM 
Last Post by 2ragtops
Plastic fragments in oil pan?212 Aircooledfan 06/13/2019 05:55AM 
Last Post by Phil Dally
ac oil filter question258 thumper477 06/13/2019 05:12AM 
Last Post by 67 airvair
Have something in your vehicle you want to turn on / off wireless?126 MattNall 06/12/2019 06:13PM 
Last Post by MattNall
NEED URGENT HELP: No starter269 18 Johnnya101 06/12/2019 03:42PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Cig Lighter Scare!! (And lighter WTcool smiley270 Johnnya101 06/12/2019 12:25PM 
Last Post by isucorvair
OT: Went totally off the reservation with a water pumper    Pages: 1 2701 32 joelsplace 06/12/2019 10:37AM 
Last Post by jcorvair
F/S: '64 FC Powerglide Transaxle260 11 WhenIm64 06/12/2019 10:15AM 
Last Post by WhenIm64
Bill Cushenberry's Corvair-Powered Silhouette II Space Coupe568 ccpinc 06/12/2019 09:03AM 
Last Post by ccpinc
Not mine 63 vert for sale in so fla102 hjackson3149 06/12/2019 08:56AM 
Last Post by hjackson3149
engine shaking218 kevair1 06/12/2019 07:24AM 
Last Post by kevair1
5 Corsa hupcaps121 rock1965 06/12/2019 07:02AM 
Last Post by 67 airvair
OT- '64 Ford Country Squire fuel tank I need one!!119 kaminski45 06/12/2019 06:31AM 
Last Post by kaminski45
Our car made the 6 pm news!302 12 66ragcorsa 06/12/2019 05:31AM 
Last Post by azdave
Rampside vs Loadside    Pages: 1 2 34,709 59 WhenIm64 06/11/2019 10:40PM 
Last Post by MattNall
1965 corsa ignition switch206 aj_ed 06/11/2019 09:52PM 
Last Post by alphasud
Ford Corvair Greenbrier on eaby473 13 PGVair 06/11/2019 09:47PM 
Last Post by joelsplace
carbs173 imbubba 06/11/2019 07:58PM 
Last Post by imbubba
1965 Corvair GTP parts 3,2 & 1366 16 jaime 06/11/2019 07:25PM 
Last Post by Spectre
OT - Anyone making money on Youtube?355 10 OttawaCorvairGuy 06/11/2019 06:27PM 
Last Post by American Mel
Parting out 65 Corsa349 alphasud 06/11/2019 06:00PM 
Last Post by alphasud
Spark plug gap108 Gigharborvair 06/11/2019 04:40PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Had a scare yesterday322 ac1948 06/11/2019 02:29PM 
Last Post by Phil Dally
Somebody save this thing ! ! !605 11 American Mel 06/11/2019 01:57PM 
Last Post by chris
Spark plug gap123 Gigharborvair 06/11/2019 01:45PM 
Last Post by Gigharborvair
FREE 65, 500 Bench Seat142 DRCORVAIR 06/11/2019 01:33PM 
Last Post by DRCORVAIR
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