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Sticky: What did you do to your Corvair today?    Pages: 1 ... 110 111 11276,769 2,226 Joe West 04/01/2015 04:25AM 
Last Post by TexasAg77
Sticky: hot smiley 2015 Corsa Convention Lodging Update168 Ratt643 04/01/2015 04:23AM 
Last Post by TexasAg77
Sticky: thumbs up Daily Pics of Your Corvair Being Used thumbs up    Pages: 1 ... 6 7 813,311 151 gmorphan 03/30/2015 09:55PM 
Last Post by reidmier
Sticky: smileys with beer Advertising available for the 2015 CORSA Convention program229 Ratt643 03/30/2015 07:29PM 
Last Post by Ratt643
Sticky: A 1 day Avair! April 25th Rainbow, ca,115 MattNall 02/27/2015 08:13AM 
Last Post by MattNall
Sticky: Click here for Rules , Events, FAQ's, For Sale / Wanted /FREE / Listings!31,642 MattNall 06/10/2013 06:24PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Last Post by richard1
Turbo time: Retard the timing184 18 Sir Thomas 04/01/2015 09:25AM 
Last Post by gnvair
John fitch's shop address    Pages: 1 2467 27 bought1 04/01/2015 09:22AM 
Last Post by nnsquared
Mounting and Aligning Early Doors - Any Tips?aircooled 04/01/2015 09:18AM 
Last Post by aircooled
Last Post by Spectre
OT: Tucker info in an unlikely place    Pages: 1 2567 26 Nickshu 04/01/2015 09:16AM 
Last Post by larry cooper
Rebuilt '64-'65 4 spd transmissions..1 FC for sale13 Paul Kehler 04/01/2015 09:07AM 
Last Post by Paul Kehler
When you thought you've seen it all.........45 Duane1967 04/01/2015 09:05AM 
Last Post by Duane1967
O/T: For the California Peeps....SMOG LAW changes comming...    Pages: 1 2378 22 Marco_a_p 04/01/2015 08:56AM 
Last Post by aircooled
how can you tell if something is wrong?136 Tylerv 04/01/2015 08:40AM 
Last Post by Tylerv
Canadian V.I.N. Number decoder12 ayrhead 04/01/2015 08:36AM 
Last Post by ayrhead
OT: Oxygen Sensor Failure Diagnosis71 spydergear 04/01/2015 08:16AM 
Last Post by spydergear
New source for vair parts    Pages: 1 21,012 30 2ragtops 04/01/2015 08:12AM 
Last Post by Spectre
Intelligence test aka EM rear suspension assembly - LOL158 14 cnicol 04/01/2015 08:04AM 
Last Post by medurham
picked up a nice 63 convert today217 Vair 007 04/01/2015 07:59AM 
Last Post by medurham
Nice Corvair wood wheel on eBay261 dryenko 04/01/2015 07:59AM 
Last Post by gnvair
OT- what to do w/ 2L Ford engine117 flamingchariots 04/01/2015 07:51AM 
Last Post by medurham
Remote control mirror - some assembly required259 junkman 04/01/2015 06:54AM 
Last Post by Mike Stillwell
Fuel pump gaskets56 m35fawn 04/01/2015 06:32AM 
Last Post by Ratt643
8-door Corvan FS75 Spyderman64 04/01/2015 06:11AM 
Last Post by Spyderman64
: '63 Car Speedo Cable and housing102 thumper477 04/01/2015 04:35AM 
Last Post by TexasAg77
Corvair powered DYNO sheets and Pics ONLY2,029 20 ROD 04/01/2015 04:23AM 
Last Post by ral1963
OT. Cool video of a functional model of a flat six engine113 gnvair 04/01/2015 04:20AM 
Last Post by Phil Dally
Grand National motor in a Corvair    Pages: 1 2553 23 1929aatimer 04/01/2015 12:29AM 
Last Post by Vair 007
OT,Anyone use the USPS Click N' Ship service?114 davemotohead 04/01/2015 12:18AM 
Last Post by Seth Emerson
OT - Google Maps Pac-Man view55 reidmier 03/31/2015 10:13PM 
Last Post by reidmier
El Vair aka El Corvino is now residing in Tucson, Az.338 15 soytrejo 03/31/2015 09:58PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Dropped Seat88 v8vair 03/31/2015 08:54PM 
Last Post by MattNall
O/T-Why Cant the Doctor Just Call You and Tell What is Going On    Pages: 1 2270 23 Phil Dally 03/31/2015 08:10PM 
Last Post by MattNall
WTB: 62 Rear Brake Drums...74 loots 03/31/2015 08:01PM 
Last Post by vairmech
Best transaxle fro daily driver 4.3l v6 swap?79 The_exception 03/31/2015 07:58PM 
Last Post by gnvair
Porting: Thinning the Exhaust Valve Guide Boss263 Andrew 03/31/2015 07:54PM 
Last Post by vairmech
wing windows - pro or con319 17 67 airvair 03/31/2015 07:42PM 
Last Post by The Stig
Engine, transmission-Axle oil229 15 NorwayCorvair 03/31/2015 07:02PM 
Last Post by richard1
Brand NEW Factory look-a- like oil filters For Sale570 irfgt 03/31/2015 07:01PM 
Last Post by jcorvair
OT-Northern Va Beer loverssmileys with beer274 14 richard1 03/31/2015 06:58PM 
Last Post by richard1
Corvair Movie Maker Fun165 jimdespres 03/31/2015 06:55PM 
Last Post by cad-kid
Cowl (body) modification239 67 airvair 03/31/2015 06:42PM 
Last Post by strangecars
Very Weird Movie Corvair190 aircooled 03/31/2015 06:34PM 
Last Post by MattNall
Wanted Antenna for 6329 SoloCP 03/31/2015 05:50PM 
Last Post by SoloCP
For Bob Helt and historians - 110 HP A/C motor with 95 heads    Pages: 1 2495 21 66vairman 03/31/2015 04:07PM 
Last Post by ac1948
65 4 speed backup switch wiring question105 Wabbitkiller 03/31/2015 03:58PM 
Last Post by Wabbitkiller
F/S NOS air cleaner J bolts with Nylock nut! smoking smiley333 davemotohead 03/31/2015 03:45PM 
Last Post by Caraholic4life
13" MICHELINS FOR SALE197 diegocorsa 03/31/2015 03:22PM 
Last Post by Ed Dowds
LM- Mustang II Rack& Pinion Install    Pages: 1 22,385 37 Tom Z 03/31/2015 02:55PM 
Last Post by Tom Z
Ebay, Craigslist or something else?417 15 davhamm 03/31/2015 01:29PM 
Last Post by 110PG
Dual MC Conversion kit for EM and cross car brake cable for sale.102 davhamm 03/31/2015 12:23PM 
Last Post by NCRCNUT
How dangerous is it to drive a LM with no rear shocks? drinking smiley423 davemotohead 03/31/2015 11:34AM 
Last Post by Jim Stukenborg
O/T Allards in the Garage!214 Caveman_1960 03/31/2015 11:01AM 
Last Post by ral1963
140 Carb Recommendations186 jimmyo 03/31/2015 09:36AM 
Last Post by 66vairman
Tech session and tune up at the "Rainbow"75 Paul Kehler 03/31/2015 09:04AM 
Last Post by 66vairman
F/S Greenbrier Emblems412 19 davemotohead 03/31/2015 07:52AM 
Last Post by davemotohead
LM suspension measurements ?164 strangecars 03/31/2015 07:32AM 
Last Post by afterdarkgames
Coil276 curt 03/31/2015 06:27AM 
Last Post by JamesD
plastic model kits703 15 Mel 03/31/2015 05:39AM 
Last Post by ral1963
Ot...need help finding information on my dads bench vise    Pages: 1 2832 22 nodice5542 03/31/2015 12:24AM 
Last Post by xilijaferager
102hp Heads/Pistons ???170 ManxManiac 03/30/2015 11:04PM 
Last Post by Andrew
1963 Monza, Early Model Parts for sale, What do you need?101 lelshaddai 03/30/2015 10:32PM 
Last Post by 737ETOPS
65 140 Engine For Sale345 JimBrandberg 03/30/2015 10:23PM 
Last Post by GenXVairNut
Datsun Iron Cross Wheels    Pages: 1 2 3 41,753 62 loots 03/30/2015 09:56PM 
Last Post by lelshaddai
WTB 1966 Luggage Rack111 Francesco 03/30/2015 09:25PM 
Last Post by davemotohead
For Sale: '60 Sedan in Tucson Az.329 soytrejo 03/30/2015 09:21PM 
Last Post by soytrejo
Wanted: EM speedometer face (100 MPH)212 anthony_acosta 03/30/2015 08:22PM 
Last Post by jimmyo
Dave Hebert and his Corvair Head Work    Pages: 1 21,434 26 medurham 03/30/2015 07:29PM 
Last Post by medurham
Stock Corvair dyno results273 JamesD 03/30/2015 06:49PM 
Last Post by JamesD
NOS G.M. early-model parts for sale505 17 Spyderman64 03/30/2015 06:27PM 
Last Post by 1929aatimer
brake system rebuild, no pedal328 20 Gregs210 03/30/2015 06:09PM 
Last Post by irfgt
WTB Yenko Engine Lid240 SUMTOY1966 03/30/2015 06:04PM 
Last Post by Mike Stillwell
Wanted: Rampside trailer hitch    Pages: 1 2352 21 Gigharborvair 03/30/2015 05:59PM 
Last Post by firevair66
Construction of NEW Ultimate Garage in Georgia hot smiley    Pages: 1 ... 16 17 1811,189 349 ihscomputers 03/30/2015 05:50PM 
Last Post by ihscomputers
'60 FOR SALE158 diegocorsa 03/30/2015 05:46PM 
Last Post by matchlessmo
ONE .010 main bearing needed - need part47 dryenko 03/30/2015 05:16PM 
Last Post by dryenko
Another Corvair followed me home today634 15 strangecars 03/30/2015 05:02PM 
Last Post by Gregs210
Alignment shop north of Seattle?89 loots 03/30/2015 04:55PM 
Last Post by loots
140's in FC's, Air filter suggestions, links or pictues237 Snapshot 03/30/2015 04:14PM 
Last Post by Snapshot
Need new carbs, what would you buy - What is the difference between a performance and premium carbs214 gdefelice 03/30/2015 03:59PM 
Last Post by Frogfinder
Saved a carb body tonight..smiling bouncing smiley371 11 Ratt643 03/30/2015 03:58PM 
Last Post by jjohnsonjo
First road trip263 10 Scott Kirkman 03/30/2015 03:34PM 
Last Post by jjohnsonjo
Fischer Body plate Question?453 17 Templar8 03/30/2015 02:28PM 
Last Post by Phil Dally
SOS from Italy: disassemble automatich choke rods364 alexbert 03/30/2015 01:31PM 
Last Post by corventure Dave
OT: Who needs a traffic light?267 Nickshu 03/30/2015 01:27PM 
Last Post by corventure Dave
Brakes Locking up207 13 deeair 03/30/2015 12:42PM 
Last Post by Timothy Shortle
62 convertible in auction Joplin, MO area 3/28/15433 12 macgyver 03/30/2015 11:36AM 
Last Post by m35fawn
Possible Ventless Door windows for LM Cps???    Pages: 1 21,048 26 MattNall 03/30/2015 11:23AM 
Last Post by 67 airvair
Carb rebuild121 LILDEE 03/30/2015 10:56AM 
Last Post by gdefelice
The resurrection of crunchy    Pages: 1 21,016 23 Jonathan McCreery 03/30/2015 10:35AM 
Last Post by Jonathan McCreery
I'm stumped with a carb problem    Pages: 1 2627 23 alexwastaken 03/30/2015 09:52AM 
Last Post by jjohnsonjo
Diff Pinion bearing shims167 10 jimmyo 03/30/2015 09:09AM 
Last Post by 66vairman
WTB .28 selective spacers177 11 Discgolferman 03/30/2015 08:32AM 
Last Post by Discgolferman
Backyard Bedliner: Rampside Rebuild Fun280 Chi2 03/30/2015 08:32AM 
Last Post by corventure Dave
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